The Hobbit (1979 radio series)

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Cover of the set of six cassettes

The Hobbit is a 1979 radio series of The Hobbit, adapted and directed by Bob Lewis and produced by The Mind's Eye. It would reuse most of the cast for their radio series of The Lord of the Rings of the same year. The music featured in the radio drama were pulled from production music produced by Major Records. Primarily Featuring composer Roger Roger but also contains works from George Chase and Sam Trust. They would use the same music library for their adaptation of Lord of The Rings, some pieces being shared between the two.


Actor Role
Erik Bauersfeld Smaug, Bard
Gail Chugg Narrator, Gollum, Balin
Pat Franklyn Roac, The Elven King, Bombur
Carl Hague Elrond
Joe Hughes Great Goblin, Beorn
Tom Luce Thorin
Bernard Mayes Gandalf
Ray Reinhardt Bilbo Baggins


Composer Peice Matrix Runout
Roger Roger Morning Breezes TVJ-9141 (E4-QB-3409-1)
Sam Trust Plague Spot
Roger Roger Swirling Fog 5215-A
Roger Roger Dreaming Awake
George Chase Black Passage
Roger Roger Trapped
George Chase Tenderness Soliloquy
Sam Trust Swamo Interim
Roger Roger Martians Patrol
Roger Roger A Mysterious Night
George Chase A Tale of Woe (Theme)
Roger Roger Spell of the Unknown
Roger Roger Dramatic Appasionata
Sam Trust Thought
Sam Trust Swamp
Enrico Simonetti Finale
Roger Roger Sliding Bridge
Roger Roger Null*
George Chase Tenderness Pastoral

There are six other songs that have not been identified yet. Null* is peice that has been identified but as far as we can tell only exists online under a differnt name and edited and manipulated. There are three songs not listed here that seem were made specifically for this adaptation and only exist whithin the drama itself. The song is Far over the misty mountains cold. It is based on the poem that Tolkien wrote for the bookm but in the adaptation it has been edited where some verses are removed entirly or show up later in the play. I said three songs were made for this adaptation, that was one, the other two are little off shoots of Far over the misty mountains cold. Anthing you hear with an Autoharp was written for the play.

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