The Inland Sea

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The Inland Sea
Publication Information
authorMike Campbell, Luke Potter, Justin Morgan-Davies
PublisherChris Seeman
ReleasedLate 1990s-2000 (Unpublished)

The Inland Sea was a supplement intended to be published for Middle-earth Role Playing. Mike Campbell and Luke Potter were commissioned during the 1990s to write the supplement. But as the publisher Iron Crown Enterprises lost the exploitation license to Middle-earth Role Playing in September 1999, Campbell and Potter stopped working on the Inland Sea project around 1999/2000.

The manuscripts of MERP the Inland Sea (including several maps) were in the end published free of charge by Chris Seeman (from the fanzine Other Hands). They can be reached through the Yahoo Fan modules web site on Internet (now located at MERP Fan Modules). The present state of these manuscripts is that of a playable supplement.

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