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The Lord of the Rings Online- Shadows of Angmar box.jpg
The Lord of the Rings Online:
Shadows of Angmar
Video game
DeveloperTurbine, Inc
PublisherTurbine, Inc (North America and Europe)
Midway Games
Codemasters (Europe, till 2010))
IT Territory (Russia)[1]
NHN Corporation (South Korea)[1]
Sakura Internet (Japan, till 2009)[2]
PlatformMicrosoft Windows
Release dateApril 24, 2007

The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) set in Middle-earth during the time of The Lord of the Rings. It is the initial version of The Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO or LotRO) and is referred to as volume I of the game.

The game's story line starts at the beginning of The Fellowship of the Ring Book I, Chapter III "Three is Company" and ends at the end of Book II, Chapter II "The Council of Elrond".



Turbine and Midway Games, Inc. officially launched The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar on April 24th, 2007 in North America for PC computers. Codemasters handles the European version of the game.

Game Play

In Shadows of Angmar, Turbine allows players to create customized characters (elves, dwarves, hobbits, or men) to explore Middle-earth as a persistent 3D world environment, undertaking trivial and epic quests (the main story line), and battling against a wide variety of creatures and enemies in player-vs-environment. These are creatures and enemies found in the legendarium. Players can also craft equipment and consumable items (including the popular varieties of pipe-weed), as well as enjoy recreational activities such as player-generated music.

The game also has player-vs-player (PvP) combat with the free peoples fighting player controlled enemies (called "creeps). Once the player levels a free person to level 10 they can create an orc, uruk-hai, warg or spider and fight against the free peoples. Player-vs-player is limited to the region of the Ettenmoors.


The majority of the dialog in the game is textually based, but there are some characters with spoken dialog. There are also some characters that will speak a line or two of the dialog, but the rest of the dialog will be text.

Role Actor
Gandalf Harry Chase
Sandar / Chef Vraz / Warg Rider Goblin Mike Vaughn
Additional Voices Brian Talbot
Additional Voices Neil Kaplan



There are four different introductions depending on the race of the player, one for each race. They all start off at either a different time or place, but the Hobbit and Man introductions and the Dwarf and Elf introductions merge at a certain point in the story line.


There are four different prologues, one for each race, but a player of any race can do any of the prologues.

Book I - Stirrings in the Darkness:

After the prologue, the player is sent to Aragorn, who needs your help to weaken the Blackwolds, a hostile gang within Breeland, secretly backed by agents of Angmar. After helping Aragorn and the Rangers, they send you to Tom Bombadil to destroy the evil in Othrongroth, The Great Barrow of the Barrow-downs. Though the Wightlord Sambrog is defeated, the Witch-king, Ivar and Skorgrim escape. Upon returning to Bree, you discover Aragorn has left with the Hobbits and the player meets Gandalf, who was too late to help. As he leaves for Rivendell too, he instructs you to find one of his fellow Istari.

Book II - The Red Maid:

Radagast the Brown asks for your help in cleansing Garth Agarwen from the evil wights that inhabit it. Ultimately you and Radagast will fight Ivar the Bloodhand, their leader and a servant of the Witch-king. After succeeding, you are urgently sent to the North Downs to aid the Rangers there.

Book III - The Council of the North:

You are asked by Halbarad to aid in the defence of the North Downs against Angmar's forces, by uniting the three main armies of the North Downs: the Men of Trestlebridge, the Dwarves led by Dori and Gildor's Elves. After this, You are sent to Rivendell, where the Fellowship has now safely arrived.

Book IV - Chasing Shadows:

The Black Rider that survived the Flood of Elrond is still in the Trollshaws, making it impossible for the Fellowship to leave. With the help of Legolas, Elladan and Elrohir, you chase the Nazgûl, destroying the Trolls he has corrupted, and forcing the Ringwraith to retreat to the Misty Mountains. You are sent to pursue him, where Glóin and Gimli have set up camp.

Book V - The Last Refuge:

Your search for the Nazgûl brings you to the final stronghold of Skorgrim and the Dourhands. An assault led by Gimli will result in the fall of Skorgrim and the Dourhands. But the Nazgûl has fled to Helegrod, where the ancient Dragon Thorog has been revived in order to serve the Dark Lord. You arrive just in time to stop the Nazgûl, defeating him and making the Dragon harmless, for now. Now that Rivendell is safe, it is time to move on to Angmar itself.

Book VI - Fires in the North:

Rangers, led by Corunir and Golodir, have gone to Angmar and their kinsmen want to know what has become of them. Upon entering Angmar, you find Corunir safe in a friendly Hillmen village. He begs you to find his lost company, who passed through Rammas Deluon: a great series of statues that weakens (or even kills) those who pass it. But after destroying the spirits within them, you are able to resist the power of Rammas Deluon, and find a dwarf settlement, where a part of the scattered party lives.

Book VII - The Hidden Hope:

You are informed Golodir settled at Gath Forthnir, far in the North. When arriving there, Golodir is gone and the Rangers are led by his daughter, Lorniel. Lorniel reveals that Golodir has been captured by Mordirith, Steward of Angmar, and has been locked away in Carn Dûm. As leader of the remaining Rangers, and with the help of Laerdan, Lorniel launches an assault on Carn Dûm, where she is slain by Mordirith, who then releases Golodir, to continue his torture.

Book VIII - The Scourge of the North:

Golodir's grief for the death of his daughter has almost destroyed him, yet he sees a chance to avenge her. Reclaiming an ancient sword, he travels with you to the heart of Carn Dûm, defeating Mordirith with the blade. Mordirith drops his palantír, a great seeing stone, which is quickly taken by the mysterious Sara Oakheart.

Book IX - Shores of Evendim:

You learn Sara Oakheart is no less than Amarthiel, the Champion of Angmar. She has set up a plot from Barad Gularan to use you to weaken Mordirith. Now she has the palantír, she can communicate with Sauron and challenge Mordirith's position. You are sent to kill all of Mordirith's Knights, in an attempt to further weaken his power. But despite your victories over Mordirith, Amarthiel only grows stronger. After losing Fornost and Barad Gularan, she moves to Annúminas, the ancient capital of Arnor. The Rangers there, led by Calenglad, need your aid.

Book X - The City of Kings:

A massive battle in Annúminas ensues, the wise Elf Laerdan offers his services to Calenglad. One of Amarthiel's captains is captured, but while in captivity, he angers Laerdan, making the Elf decide to fight Amarthiel on his own, in an attempt to make up for his mistakes in the past. Again the Free People have been tricked by Amarthiel and her servants. Together with the Rangers of Evendim, you are able to wrestle the palantír from Amarthiel's clutches, but Laerdan is lost. But within the palantír, Amarthiel saw a glimpse of where Narchuil, her ancient ring, lies. She is now determined to possess its power once more.

Book XI - Prisoner of the Free Peoples:

Amarthiel's captain Mordrambor breaks free, killing many rangers. Soon he leads an army out of Annúminas, to find Amarthiel's Ring, Narchuil. You attempt to find Narchuil before Amarthiel can, searching the ancient ruins of the Trollshaws. After much searching, it turns out Narmeleth, Laerdan's daughter, who originally caused Amarthiel's fall in Fornost, has become possessed by her. But all searching seems in vain, when it is revealed Amarthiel has already found Narchuil. However, Elrond does not fall for her trickery again, he realises Narchuil is still out there, and Laerdan knows where.

Book XII - The Ashen Wastes:

Amarthiel has Laerdan transported to Angmar, where she learns from him under torture where her Ring is. In a brave attempt to save both Laerdan and the ring Narchuil, you are able to get to them before Amarthiel does, despite losing another Ranger. But only half of the ring was found. Laerdan confesses to Elrond he has broken Narchuil in two, and where the other part should be. But then he swears an oath upon Elbereth that he will not rest before he has saved his daughter, and leaves the Council.

Book XIII - Doom of the Last-King:

Trying to find out more about the other half of Narchuil, you are sent to Forochel. However Amarthiel's forces have already arrived, and are already searching. In an attempt to find the ring before the Angmarim, the player receives help from Arvedui's Ghost. In the final chapter, it seems Mordrambor has betrayed Amarthiel; the two start to battle and disappear from view. The player then retrieves the second half of Narchuil and returns it to Rivendell.

Book XIV - The Ring-forges of Eregion:

Still seeking to save Narmeleth, Laerdan travels with the two halves of Narchuil to Eregion. Amarthiel, baiting him in, reclaims Narchuil for herself. Elrond sends many Heralds of Rivendell to all corners of Eriador to help him in his search for the lost Ring-lore. But all efforts are too late, for Narchuil has been reforged when the Free People reach Eregion. It quickly becomes clear none are able to withstand Narchuil, until Mordrambor, Amarthiel's former servant, arrives. They go outside, where Mordirith arrives. Mordirith is in power once again, but Amarthiel does not surrender and believes she can defeat him with Narchuil. But Mordirith has the power of the Witch-king and defeats her. Mordrambor claims Narchuil as his own, and when he is about to finish Amarthiel, Laerdan appears. He now knows Mordirith is actually Eärnur, the last King of Gondor. Mordirith orders Mordrambor to kill Laerdan, after which the two leave. Amarthiel is crying over her father, and set captive by the Free People.

Book XV - Daughter of Strife:

With the death of her father, Narmeleth is once again freed from the evil influence of Amarthiel. Narmeleth becomes a captive of the Free Peoples and she sacrifices herself in order to help defeat Mordrambor and aid the Free Peoples. The book ends bittersweet with Narmeleth's redemption and her death.



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