The Oxford Tolkien Conference

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The Oxford Tolkien Conference, The Lord of the Rings: Sources of Inspiration was held at Exeter College, Oxford from 21 - 25 August 2006. Exter College was chosen specifically to host this conference as it was the place J.R.R. Tolkien attended for his undergraduate studies. Priscilla Tolkien, C.S. Lewis's secretary and friend Walter Hooper, Tolkien's friend the Jesuit priest Robert Murray, and grandson Simon Tolkien attended as special guests, representing the family and those who knew Tolkien personally.

List of seminars and papers

  • Frodo or Zarathustra: Beyond Nihilism in Tolkien and Nietzsche, by Peter M. Candler, Jr.
  • Galadriel's Mirror, by Thomas Honegger
  • Gilson Smith and Baggins: Sacrifice and Meaning in France and Middle-earth by Verlyn Flieger
  • Inside the Belly of the Dragon: Levels of Initiation in Tolkien's Works by Robert Lazu (read by Stratford Caldecott)
  • The Influence of Holiness: The Healing Power of Tolkien's Narrative by Father Guglielmo Spirito
  • Morals Makyth Man - and Hobbit by Leon Pereira
  • The Mythopoeia of Gianbattista Vico and J.R.R. Tolkien (revised title) by Marek Oziewicz
  • Remembering J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis: A conversation with Priscilla Tolkien, Robert Murray and Walter Hooper
  • Tolkien and Enchantment by Patrick Curry
  • Tolkien and the English Language: The Word as Leaf by Peter Gilliver, Jeremy Marshall and Edmund Weiner
  • Tolkien and Louis Bouyer: A Friendship between Writers by Michaël Devaux
  • Tolkien and the Green Man by John Matthews* Tolkien, Chesterton, and Thomism, by Alison Milbank
  • Tokien, Exeter, and the Great War by John Garth
  • Tolkien Studies in Germany by Marcel Bülles
  • Tolkien, Thomism, and Chesterton by Alison Milbank
  • Tolkien's England by Stratford Caldecott