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The name The Road Goes Ever On refers to more than one character, item or concept. For a list of other meanings, see The Road Goes Ever On (disambiguation).
The Road Goes Ever On:
A Song Cycle
The Road Goes Ever On (1968).jpg
AuthorJ.R.R. Tolkien, Donald Swann (music)
IllustratorJ.R.R. Tolkien, Samuel Hanks Bryant
PublisherGeorge Allen and Unwin (UK)
Houghton Mifflin (US)
Released31 October 1967 (US)
1968 (UK)
FormatHardcover; paperback

The Road Goes Ever On: A Song Cycle is a book of sheet music, poems by J.R.R. Tolkien, music by Donald Swann.

The first edition was published in 1967, which contains six poems from The Lord of the Rings and one from The Adventures of Tom Bombadil. It also contains notes on and translations of two Elvish text: "Namárië" and "A Elbereth Gilthoniel", for which reason it is an important document concerning the "glossary and lore of Elvish".[1]

A recording of the music, with William Elvin as vocalist, appeared under the title Poems and Songs of Middle Earth (1967). This record also contains readings from The Adventures of Tom Bombadil by J.R.R. Tolkien.


One of Tolkien's decorative tailpieces created for the book

This book has been valued even by those uninterested in music, since it helps Tolkien's readers to better understand the cultures of the various mythological beings presented in Middle-earth, and helps linguists analyse Tolkien's poetry. As well as the poems, notes, and translations, Tolkien contributed decorations in the form of Elvish script for the top and bottom of every page of sheet music, and tailpieces for the spaces at the ends of the poems.

The book contains one of the longest samples of the language Quenya, in the shape of the song "Namárië" (which appears on the cover in Tengwar), as well as the Sindarin prayer "A Elbereth Gilthoniel" with grammatical explanations. Tolkien's notes in the book provide information about the First Age of Middle-earth that was not otherwise publicly available until the publication of The Silmarillion.[2]


List of Songs
Included in the First Edition of the book (1967)
Added in the Second Edition (1978)
Added in the Third Edition (2002)

A CD record is included with this edition. It contains the musical recordings from Poems and Songs of Middle Earth as well as recordings of the songs added to the second and third editions.

Notes and Translations

Publication history and gallery

1967 first edition  
1978 second edition  
2002 third edition  

The Road Goes Ever On had also been published by Ballantine Books. A jacketless hardcover edition in October 1968, and a paperback edition in August 1975.[3]

Ballantine 1968 hardcover  
Ballantine 1975 paperback  

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  2. Robert Foster, A Guide to Middle-earth
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