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* [[Hyarmendacil]] conquers the [[Harad]].
* [[Gondor]] reaches the height of its power.
* About this time a shadow falls on [[Greenwood]], and [[men]] begin to call it [[Mirkwood]].
* The [[Periannath]] are first mentioned in records, with the coming of the [[Harfoots]] to [[Eriador]].
* [[Hyarmendacil I|Hyarmendacil]] conquers the [[Harad]].<ref name="AppB">{{App|B2}}</ref>
* [[The Lord of the Rings]], [[The Return of the King]], [[Appendix B]]
* [[Gondor]] reaches the height of its power.<ref name="AppB">{{App|B2}}</ref>
* About this time a [[shadow]] falls on [[Mirkwood|Greenwood]], and [[men]] begin to call it [[Mirkwood]].<ref name="AppB">{{App|B2}}</ref>
[[Category:Third Age years]]
*About this time [[Sauron]]'s spirit moves some [[Easterlings]] into [[Rhovanion]] up to the [[Vales of Anduin]].<ref>{{PM|XNotes}}, #60</ref>
* Alerted by the shadow of [[Dol Guldur]]<Ref>{{PM|Atani}}</ref> the [[Periannath]] started to [[Wandering Days|migrate westwards]]. They are first mentioned in records with the coming of the [[Harfoots]] to [[Eriador]].<ref name="AppB">{{App|B2}}</ref>
[[Category:Third Age years|1, Third Age 1050]]

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Timeline of Arda
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the Sun:

Third Age 1050 (abbreviated to T.A. 1050) is the 1050th year of the Sun of the Third Age of Middle-earth.

Notable events in this year include: