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Years of the Lamps

All dates in this section are approximate. Calculated Sun years for the Years of the Lamps and the Trees are rounded to the nearest year.[Note 1]
Years of the Lamps
Valian Year Calculated Sun Years Event
Ainulindalë ; The Ainur enter .
1–1499 1-14,363 The First War and the Marring of Arda.
1500 14,373 Tulkas enters Arda and Melkor flees.
1900 18,206 The completion of Arda. The Valar create the Two Lamps and settle at Almaren. Beginning of the Spring of Arda.
3400 32,579 Tulkas weds Nessa.Melkor secretly returns to Arda, raises the Iron Mountains and delves Utumno, and partly blights the Spring of Arda.
3450 33,058 Melkor overthrows the Two Lamps, forming the Seas of Helcar and Ringil. Almaren is destroyed. In order to preserve life on the earth, Yavanna sets most living things into a long sleep. End of the Spring of Arda.
3450–3500 33,058-33,537 The Valar raise the Pelóri and settle in Aman. The Two Trees are grown in Valinor.

Years of the Trees

Years of the Trees
Year of the Trees Calculated Sun Years Event
1 1 Yavanna creates the Two Trees amidst the hill of Ezellohar in Valinor. With Telperion's first blooming the new Count of Time begins.
Over the many centuries Melkor sleeps in Utumno. Oromë hunts throughout Middle-earth. Melkor raises the Hithaeglir to hinder his efforts.
1000 9582 The Valar hold council, for Yavanna and Oromë report that Melkor might rise once more in power. They discuss the Children of Ilúvatar. Varda begins to fashion new stars, and organize them and those already wrought into constellations, over the next fifty years.
About some time before the waking of the Elves, Aulë secretly creates the 7 Fathers of the Dwarves and their 6 spouses. Ilúvatar adopts them and they are put to sleep.
1050 10,061 Varda forms the Valacirca. The first 144 Elves (Minyar, Tatyar, and Nelyar) awake in Cuiviénen. Melian travels to Beleriand after ascending Taniquetil to see the stars.
1080 10,349 Spies of Melkor discover the Elves and afflict them. Possibly Orcs first created.
1085 10,396 Oromë discovers the Elves, and calls them Eldar. The Eldar are afraid of Oromë, and blame him for Melkor's work.
1086 10,406 Oromë returns to Valinor, and witnesses to his peers about the Children of Ilúvatar. Oromë returns to the Elves while the Valar consider his message.
1090 10,444 Valar make war on Melkor in the Battle of the Powers. The earth is shaken. The shores of Beleriand are formed and bays are created on the North. Over the next two years Melkor is defeated, and retreats into Utumno.
1092 10,464 The siege of Utumno begins. North is desolated and the Sea widened.
1099 10,530 The Battle of the Powers ends, as the Valar storm the final defenses of Utumno. Tulkas captures Melkor, binding him with Angainor. Sauron evades capture.
1100 10,540 Melkor is brought back to Valinor, judged and cast into the Halls of Mandos for three Ages of the Valar (300 Valian Years).
1101 10,550 Valar make council about the protection of Eruhíni and decide to bring them to Valinor. Oromë Invites the Elves.
1102 10,559 Elves are unwilling so Oromë invites the three Elven ambassadors, Ingwë, Finwë and Elwë to come to Valinor.
1104 10,579 Ambassadors return to Cuiviénen and invite the Elves to return with them to Valinor.
1105 10,588 First Sundering of the Elves at Cuiviénen. Vanyar under Ingwë, Noldor under Finwë and Teleri under Elwë and Olwë. Avari, under Morwë and Nurwë, stay in Cuiviénen.
The Eldar depart, pass Sea of Helcar and turn west. Some are terrified by the smokes of war and go back.
1115 10,684 Second Sundering of the Elves: The host pass Greenwood the Great and come to the River Anduin. Some Lindar wish to stay there. Terrified by the Hithaeglir, a part of them go south led by Lenwë.
1125 10,780 Vanyar and Noldor enter Beleriand; the foremost of them pass Sirion and reach the shores. Oromë goes to Aman for counsel.
1128 10,808 The unwilling Teleri also come to Beleriand and dwell east of Gelion. Elwë keeps friendship with Finwë and Noldor on the west.
1130 10,828 Elwë returning from a meeting with Finwë meets Melian in Nan Elmoth and falls into a trance.
1132 10,847 Ulmo brings an island to the Bay of Balar. The Vanyar and Noldor forget their fear for the Sea and embark upon it while the Teleri look for Elwë.
When departing, the island breaks and leaves the Isle of Balar behind.

After learning of their embark, some Teleri led by Olwë, reach the shores and meet Ossë and Uinen.

1133 10,856 Vanyar and Noldor enter Valinor and build Eldamar. The Valar open the rift Calacirya in Pelóri so that the Light of Valinor reaches Eldamar. The Elves begin the building of Tirion on the hill Túna inside Calacirya.
1140 10,923 Vanyar and Noldor found Tirion and Mindon Eldaliéva. Some Vanyar yearn for the Trees and go closer to Valinor.
1142 10,943 White Tree given to Noldor by Yavanna.
1149 11,010 Finwë prays to Ulmo to bring the Teleri. However Ossë is grieved and persuades some to stay with him. Círdan establishes the havens of Brithombar and Eglarest. Ossë teaches them shipcraft.
1150 11,019 Olwë and the most part of the Teleri leave Beleriand. The rest of the Teleri are still looking for Elwë and are named Eglath.
1151 11,029 Tol Eressëa with the Teleri stops moving outside the Bay of Eldamar. They are afterwards named Falmari who choose to remain on Tol Eressëa.
1152 11,038 Elwë awakens from the trance and becomes King of Elves in Beleriand; his hair is now silver.
1161 11,125 The Falmari after the teachings of Ossë build ships. They leave Tol Eressëa and come to Valinor.
1162 11,134 Teleri found Alqualondë with the help of Finwë.
1165 11,163 All the Vanyar depart from Tirion to Taniquetil and Noldor stay with the Falmari.
1169 11,201 Birth of Fëanor son of Finwë and Míriel. The Noldor are taught by Aulë labouring and love the jewels. Rúmil of Tirion makes the Sarati and possibly writes the Ainulindalë.
1170 11,211 Death of Míriel Serindë.
1172 11,230 Doom of Manwë.
1185 11,355 Finwë weds Indis.
1190 11,403 Birth of Fingolfin.
1200 11,498 Second Age of Chaining of Melkor: Lúthien born in Neldoreth.
1230 11,786 Birth of Finarfin.
1250 11,978 Fëanor creates the Tengwar.
Dwarves enter Beleriand and meet the Sindar.
1280 12,265 Finarfin weds Eärwen.
1300 12,457 Third Age of Chaining of Melkor: births of Turgon and Finrod.
Dwarves of Belegost and Elves begin the building of Menegroth in Doriath. The Dwarves are paid with knowledge from Melian and with many pearls, including Nimphelos. Daeron creates the Certhas Daeron.
1330 12,744 Orcs first seen in Beleriand; Dwarves make weapons for the Sindar.
1350 12,936 Denethor leads some of the Nandor into Beleriand and befriends Thingol. They settle in Ossiriand. Daeron betters the Cirth, which are adopted by the Dwarves and made known east of the Blue Mountains.
1362 13,051 Births of Galadriel and Aredhel.
1400 13,415 Melkor released from bondage.
1410 13,511 Melkor befriends the Noldor.
1449 13,884 Fëanor having invented the substance Silima begins constructing the Silmarils,
1450 13,894 Fëanor completes the Silmarils; he puts the Light of the Trees in them and Varda hallows them.
For the next 20 years Melkor begins spreading strife and talking about weapons.
1490 14,277 The Valar summon Fëanor who threatens Fingolfin with his sword. They exile him to Formenos and Finwë follows.
1492 14,296 Melkor visits Fëanor but he repels him. Finwë then warns the Valar and begins to pursue Melkor. Melkor hides and meets Ungoliant in Avathar.
1495 14,325 Fëanor is commanded by Manwë to Taniquetil where he and Fingolfin reconcile. Ungoliant destroys the Two Trees, Morgoth kills Finwë in Formenos and steals the Silmarils. They flee to Beleriand where they debate. Balrogs arrive and drive Ungoliant away. Morgoth stays in Angband and raises the Thangorodrim.

Fëanor begins the rebellion and goes to Alqualondë where he fights with the Falmari and steals their swanships. The Flight of the Noldor begins.

1496 14,335 Mandos (or his messenger) appears before the Noldor and speaks the Doom of Mandos. Finarfin with some repent and return to Valinor where he is accepted. Finrod his son becomes the leader of his house and follows Fëanor.
1497 14,344 First Battle of Beleriand. Death of Denethor, besiegement of the Havens of the Falas. Thingol withdraws his people and the Girdle of Melian is set around Doriath. The Laiquendi from now on remain hidden and take no other king.

The Noldor arrive at Helcaraxë, but Fëanor and his people betray Fingolfin and sail to Beleriand. Burning of the ships at Losgar. Dagor-nuin-Giliath ("Battle-under-Stars"). Fëanor is mortally wounded by Gothmog and is rescued by his sons before dying in sight of the Thangorodrim. Maedhros meets with Morgoth under a false truce, his forces are too few and he is captured.

1498 14,354 Maedhros is chained to the Thangorodrim. The Noldor do not depart as demanded by Morgoth and instead make a great camp at Mithrim.
1500 14,373 Creation of Moon and Sun. The host of the Noldor finishes crossing the Helcaraxë and enters Beleriand under Fingolfin. Battle of the Lammoth and death of Argon. The Moon rises and after seven times, the Sun follows.

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  1. One Valian Year is equal to 9.582 Sun Years.