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Timeline of Arda
First Music Days before days Years of the Trees Years of the Sun Second Music
First Age Second Age Third Age Fourth Age Later Ages
1 - 3,500 V.Y. 1 - 1,050 Y.T. 1,050 Y.T. - 590 Y.S 1 - 3,441 S.A 1 - 3,021 T.A 1 - c. 2,500[note 1][1] F.A. Fifth Age
Sixth Age
Seventh Age
Timeline Timeline Timeline Timeline Timeline Timeline
Key events: Key Events: Key events: Key events: Key events: Key events:
The First War and the Marring of Arda

The Spring of Arda

Melkor raises the Iron Mountains and delves Utumno

The Two Lamps are destroyed
The Two Trees grown in Valinor

Aulë creates the Fathers of the Dwarves

Varda fashions new Stars and puts the Valacirca in the North
The first Elves awake in Cuiviénen

The Valar defeat and capture Melkor

The Two Trees are destroyed

Battles of Beleriand between the Eldar and Morgoth

Defeat of Morgoth in the War of Wrath
The Edain settle on Númenor

The Rings of Power are forged

Downfall of Númenor

War of the Last Alliance
The One Ring is lost in Anduin

Destruction of the Kingdom of Arnor

Sauron is defeated in the War of the Ring
Beginning of the Dominion of Men

The Thain's Book is commissioned by King Elessar

Durin VII is born and retakes Khazad-dûm for Durin's Folk

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  1. According to one of the drafts of the Appendices, it is said: Of Eldarion son of Elessar it was foretold that he should rule a great realm, and that it should endure for a hundred generations of Men after him, that is until a new age brought in again new things; and from him should come the kings of many realms in long days after.