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The Days before days

All dates in this section are approximate. Calculated solar years for the Valian Years are rounded to the nearest year.[note 1]
Days before days
Valian Year Calculated Sun Years Event
Ainulindalë ; The Ainur enter .[1]
1–1499 1-14,363 The First War and the Marring of Arda.[1][2][3]
1500 14,373 Tulkas enters Arda and Melkor flees.[2][3]
1900 18,206 The completion of Arda. The Valar create the Two Lamps and settle at Almaren. Beginning of the Spring of Arda.[2][3]
3400 32,579 Tulkas weds Nessa. Melkor secretly returns to Arda, raises the Iron Mountains and delves Utumno. This partially blights the Spring of Arda.[2][3]
3450 33,058 Melkor overthrows the Two Lamps, forming the Seas of Helcar and Ringil. Almaren is destroyed. In order to preserve life on the earth, Yavanna sets most living things into a long sleep. End of the Spring of Arda.[2][3]
3450–3500 33,058-33,537 The Valar raise the Pelóri and settle in Aman. The Two Trees are grown in Valinor.[2][3]

The Years of the Trees

See: Timeline/Years of the Trees
All dates in this section are approximate. Calculated solar years for the Years of Trees are rounded to the nearest year.[note 1]
Years of the Trees
Y.T. Calculated Sun Years Event
1 1 Yavanna creates the Two Trees amidst the hill of Ezellohar in Valinor. With Telperion's first blooming, the new Count of Time begins.
1000 9582 The Valar hold council, for Melkor might rise once more in power. They discuss the Children of Ilúvatar. Varda fashions new stars and begins to organize them and those already wrought into constellations.
Sometime before the waking of the Elves, Aulë secretly creates the 7 Fathers of the Dwarves and their 6 spouses. Ilúvatar adopts them and they are put to sleep.
1050 10,061 Varda forms the Valacirca. The first 144 Elves (Minyar, Tatyar, and Nelyar) awake in Cuiviénen. The First Age begins.

The First Age

See: Timeline/First Age
The First Age began in Y.T. 1050 with the Awakening of the Elves. During the portion of the First Age that came before the rising of the Sun, time was still measured in the Years of the Trees. Following the rising of the Sun, a new system of reckoning time was implemented, and the following portion of the First Age is measured in the Years of the Sun.
First Age (Years of the Trees cont.)
Y.T. Calculated Sun Years Event
1050 10,061 Varda forms the Valacirca. The first 144 Elves (Minyar, Tatyar, and Nelyar) awake in Cuiviénen. The First Age begins.
1080 10,349 Spies of Melkor discover the Elves. It is possible that Orcs are first created here.
1085 10,396 Oromë discovers the Elves, and calls them the Eldar. The Eldar are afraid of Oromë and blame him for Melkor's work.
1090 10,444 The Valar make war on Melkor in the Battle of the Powers. Melkor is defeated and retreats into Utumno.
1099 10,530 The Battle of the Powers ends as the Valar storm the final defenses of Utumno. Tulkas captures Melkor.
1100 10,540 Melkor is brought back to Valinor, judged and cast into the Halls of Mandos for three Ages of the Valar (300 Valian Years).
1101 10,550 The Valar make council about the Children of Ilúvatar and decide to bring them to Valinor. Oromë extends this invitation to the Elves.
1102 10,559 Oromë invites three Elven ambassadors, Ingwë, Finwë and Elwë to come to Valinor with the hope that they can convince their people to come as well.
1105 10,588 First Sundering of the Elves at Cuiviénen. The Vanyar led by Ingwë, the Noldor led by Finwë and the Teleri led by Elwë and Olwë. The Avari stay in Cuiviénen.
The Eldar depart, pass Sea of Helcar and turn west.
1115 10,684 Second Sundering of the Elves: The Eldar host passes Greenwood the Great and comes to the River Anduin. Some Eldar, afterwards known as Lindar, wish to stay there. Terrified by the Hithaeglir, a part of them go south led by Lenwë.
1125 10,780 The Vanyar and Noldor enter Beleriand. Oromë goes to Aman.
1128 10,808 The unwilling Teleri come to Beleriand and dwell east of Gelion.
1130 10,828 Elwë meets Melian in Nan Elmoth. They fall into a trance.
1132 10,847 Ulmo brings an island to the Bay of Balar. The Vanyar and Noldor embark upon it while the Teleri stay in Beleriand to look for Elwë.
After learning of the departure of the Vanyar and Noldor, Olwë leads some Teleri to the western shores where they meet Ossë and Uinen.
1133 10,856 The Vanyar and Noldor enter Valinor and build Eldamar. The Valar open the rift Calacirya in Pelóri so that the Light of Valinor reaches Eldamar. The Elves begin the building of Tirion on the hill Túna inside Calacirya.
1140 10,923 The Vanyar and Noldor found Tirion.
1142 10,943 Yavanna gives the Noldor the White Tree.
1149 11,010 Círdan of the Falathrim establishes the havens of Brithombar and Eglarest. Ossë teaches them shipcraft.
1150 11,019 Olwë and the most part of the Teleri leave Beleriand on Tol Eressëa. The rest of the Teleri remain to search for Elwë.
1151 11,029 Ossë convinces Ulmo to halt Tol Eressëa outside the Bay of Eldamar. The Teleri who choose to remain on the island are afterwards named the Falmari.
1152 11,038 Elwë and Melian awaken from their trance. Elwë becomes the King of the Elves in Beleriand.
1161 11,125 The Teleri leave Tol Eressëa and come to Valinor.
1162 11,134 The Teleri found Alqualondë.
1165 11,163 The Vanyar depart from Tirion to live in Taniquetil.
1169 11,201 Birth of Fëanor, son of Finwë and Míriel. Rúmil of Tirion possibly writes the Ainulindalë.
1170 11,211 Death of Míriel Serindë.
1182 11,325 The Doom of Manwë is proclaimed. Finwë is allowed to marry again.
1185 11,355 Finwë weds Indis of the Vanyar.
1190 11,403 Birth of Fingolfin in Valinor.
1200 11,498 Second Age of the Chaining of Melkor.
1230 11,786 Birth of Finarfin in Valinor.
1250 11,978 Fëanor creates the Tengwar.
Dwarves enter Beleriand and meet the Sindar.
1300 12,457 Third Age of the Chaining of Melkor. The births of Turgon and Finrod in Valinor.
The Dwarves of Belegost and the Sindar begin the building of Menegroth. The Dwarves are paid with knowledge from Melian and with many pearls. Daeron creates the Certhas Daeron.
1330 12,744 Orcs are first seen in Beleriand.
1350 12,936 Denethor leads some of the Nandor west into Beleriand. They settle in Ossiriand.
1362 13,051 Birth of Galadriel in Valinor.
1400 13,415 Melkor is released from bondage.
1410 13,511 Melkor befriends the Noldor.
1450 13,894 Fëanor completes the Silmarils. He puts the Light of the Trees in them and Varda hallows them.
For the next 20 years, Melkor begins spreading strife.
1490 14,277 Finwë summons Fëanor to a council meeting, where he threatens Fingolfin with his sword. The Valar then exile Fëanor to Formenos.
1492 14,296 Melkor visits Fëanor in Formenos, but he repels him. Finwë then warns the Valar, who pursue Melkor. Melkor flees and finds Ungoliant.
1495 14,325 Fëanor is summoned by Manwë to Taniquetil where he and Fingolfin reconcile. Ungoliant destroys the Two Trees. Melkor kills Finwë in Formenos and steals the Silmarils. Fëanor names him Morgoth. He and his sons swear the Oath of Fëanor. They begin a rebellion of the Noldor against the Valar and go to Alqualondë where they slay the Teleri and steal their swanships.
Melkor and Ungoliant flee to Beleriand. Melkor calls Balrogs to his aid and they drive Ungoliant away. Melkor stays in Angband.
1496 14,335 Mandos appears before the Noldor and speaks the Doom of Mandos. Finarfin and some of his people return to Valinor. Finrod becomes the leader of his father's remaining people.
1497 14,344 The First Battle of Beleriand. Death of Denethor. Besiegement of the Havens of the Falas. Thingol withdraws his people and Melian sets the Girdle of Melian around Doriath.

The Noldor arrive at the Helcaraxë. Fëanor and his people betray Fingolfin and sail to Beleriand. Burning of the ships at Losgar. The Dagor-nuin-Giliath ("Battle-under-Stars"). Gothmog mortally wounds Fëanor, who is rescued by his sons before dying near Thangorodrim. Maedhros is captured.

1498 14,354 Maedhros is chained to the Thangorodrim. The Noldor make camp at Mithrim.
1500 14,373 The Creation of the Moon and the Sun. The host of the Noldor, led by Fingolfin, finishes crossing the Helcaraxë and enters Beleriand. The Battle of the Lammoth takes place. The Moon rises seven times, after which the Sun follows.

Years of the Sun

The First Age

First Age cont. (Years of the Sun)
F.A. Event
1 The Moon first rises, followed by the Sun. From now, the First Age is measured in the Years of the Sun.
Awakening of Men in Hildórien.
Fingolfin and his followers cross the Helcaraxë into and reach the gates of Angband.
Fingolfin and his host fight the Battle of the Lammoth.
2 The host of Fingolfin camps beside Lake Mithrim
Morgoth releases poisonous vapors, which darken the sky.
5 Fingon rescues Maedhros from Thangorodrim.
6 Thingol grants permission for the House of Finarfin to enter Doriath, and for the Noldor to occupy the Northlands.
7 Maedhros relinquishes his claim to the throne. The Sons of Fëanor relocate to East Beleriand.
Fingolfin becomes High King of the Noldor in Beleriand.
20 The Feast of Mereth Aderthad. Mablung of the heavy hand and Daeron attend.
50 Ulmo grants visions of hidden places to Finrod and Turgon.
52 Finrod discovers the Nulukkizdîn‎ and they begin to construct Nargothrond.
53 Turgon discovers the hidden valley of Tumladen.
60 The Dagor Aglareb ("The Glorious Battle") is fought and the Siege of Angband begins.
Finrod constructs Minas Tirith.
64 Turgon relocates his people from Nevrast to Tumladen. They begin to construct the city of Gondolin.
67 Thingol learns of the Kinslaying at Alqualondë. Thingol forbids Quenya to be spoken in Beleriand.
102 Nargothrond completed.
116 Gondolin completed.
155 Orcs attack from Lammoth but are defeated.
260 Glaurung is defeated in Ard-galen. The Long Peace begins.
262 Birth of Bëor.
282 Birth of Marach.
310 Men of the House of Bëor enter Beleriand and are discovered by Finrod.
311 Finrod returns to Nargothrond with Bëor. Baran leads the House of Bëor.
312 The Haladin and the Drúedain enter Beleriand.
313 Marach enters Beleriand.
316 Aredhel leaves Gondolin and weds Eöl.
320 Birth of Maeglin.
341 Births of Haleth, and Haldar.
355 Death of Bëor.
369 Bereg leads a thousand people southwards.
375 The Battle of the Gelion-Ascar Stockade. Deaths of Haldad and Haldar.
376 Death of Marach.
390 Births of Hador
393 Birth of Bregolas.
400 Aredhel and Maeglin return to Gondolin and are secretly followed by Eöl. Aredhel is killed and Eöl is then executed. Maeglin remains in Gondolin.
Birth of Barahir.
402 Battle of the Aglon Pass.
405 Hador enters the service of Fingolfin.
410 Ladros is given to the House of Bëor.
416 The House of Hador is given the lands of Dor-lómin to dwell in.
417 Birth of Galdor.
420 Death of Haleth. Hador dwells in Hithlum.
422 Forest of Brethil given to the House of Haleth.
432 Birth of Beren Erchamion.
441 Birth of Húrin.
443 Birth of Morwen.
444 Birth of Huor.
455 Morgoth breaks the Siege of Angband. The Dagor Bragollach ("Battle of Sudden Flame"). Deaths of Angrod, Aegnor, Hador, Gundor, and Bregolas. Fingolfin challenges Morgoth to single combat. Death of Fingolfin. Fingon becomes High King of the Noldor.
456 Emeldir, wife of Barahir, leads their people out of Dorthonion to Brethil.
457 Sauron captures Minas Tirith. Barahir and his outlaws hide in Dorthonion. A company of Orcs defeated in the Forest of Brethil.
458 Húrin and Huor are brought by Thorondor to Gondolin.
459 Húrin and Huor leave Gondolin.
460 Deaths of Barahir, Belegund, Baragund, and all the outlaws except Beren Erchamion.
462 Death of Galdor. Orcs invade Beleriand.
463 The Easterlings swear false loyalty to Maedhros.
464 Beren leaves Dorthonion and meets Lúthien in the forest of Doriath.
Birth of Túrin.
465 The Quest for the Silmaril. Death of Finrod.
Birth of Brandir.
466 Beren and Lúthien take one Silmaril from Morgoth. Beren loses his hand to Carcharoth. The Hunting of the Wolf. The first death of Beren Erchamion.
467 The first death of Lúthien. Lúthien sings before Mandos, who releases both her and Beren from the Halls of Mandos.
469 Orcs driven from Beleriand. Beren and Lúthien return to Middle-earth.
470 Birth of Dior.
472 The Nirnaeth Arnoediad ("Battle of Unnumbered Tears"). Deaths of Fingon, Huor, Azaghâl, Haldir and Rían. Húrin is taken captive to Angband. Turgon becomes High King of the Noldor.
The Year of Lamentation. Birth of Tuor.
473 Birth of Nienor. Túrin sent to Doriath. Fall of the Falas. Gil-galad and Círdan flee to the Isle of Balar. Havens of Sirion constructed.
484 Death of Saeros. Túrin leaves Doriath.
486 Túrin and the outlaws encounter Mîm and make their home on Amon Rûdh as the House of Ransom.
488 Tuor enslaved.
489 Beleg joins Túrin on Amon Rûdh. Mîm betrays them to Orcs and Túrin is captured. Death of Beleg.
490 Gwindor leads Túrin to Nargothrond. Túrin becomes captain of Nargothrond.
491 Tuor escapes and becomes an outlaw.
494 Morwen and Nienor flee to Doriath.
495 Battle of the Crossings of the Taeglin. Battle of Tumhalad. Tuor comes to Nevrast. Sack of Nargothrond by Glaurung. Deaths of Finduilas, Orodreth and Gwindor.
496 Túrin comes to Brethil.
Tuor comes to Gondolin.
Morwen Eledhwen and Nienor leave Doriath seeking Túrin. Nienor loses her memory, is found by the Men of Brethil, and given the name Níniel.
499 Túrin defeats Glaurung. Deaths of Brandir, Hunthor, Nienor and Túrin.
500 Eluréd and Elurín born. Release of Húrin.
501 Húrin comes to Doriath. Death of Morwen.
502 Húrin gives the Nauglamír to Thingol and Melian. Deaths of Húrin and Mîm. The Dwarves of Nogrod are commissioned to set the Silmaril in the Nauglamír. Tuor weds Idril in Gondolin.
503 Births of Eärendil and Elwing. Death of Thingol. Melian returns to Valinor. The Battle of the Thousand Caves. The Battle of Sarn Athrad. Death of Mablung of the heavy hand. Lúthien wears the Silmaril. Dior and his family come to Menegroth. Final deaths of Beren and Lúthien.
Dior receives the Nauglamír and Silmaril.
504 With the power of the Silmaril, King Dior finally restores the former glory of Doriath. He now publicly wears the Nauglamír and the Silmaril.
506 The Second Kinslaying at Menegroth and the Ruin of Doriath.
Deaths of Dior, Nimloth, Celegorm, Curufin, and Caranthir. Eluréd and Elurín are abandoned in the wintry forest to die.
507 Elwing comes to the Havens of Sirion with the Silmaril.
509 Maeglin captured and tortured by Morgoth.
510 The Fall of Gondolin. Deaths of Turgon, Ecthelion, Glorfindel, Maeglin, and Gothmog.
Ereinion Gil-galad becomes High King of the Noldor.
525 Eärendil weds Elwing. Tuor and Idril depart for Valinor.
532 Births of Elrond and Elros.
538 Third Kinslaying at the Havens of Sirion. Deaths of Amrod and Amras. Elrond and Elros are taken captive by Maglor. Elwing escapes with the Silmaril into the Sea. Ulmo gives her the form of a white bird and she reunites with Eärendil aboard Vingilot.
540 Morgoth controls all of Beleriand.
542 Eärendil and Elwing come to Valinor and rally a great host.
545 The Host of Valinor lands in Beleriand.
587 The Destruction of Beleriand. Deaths of Ancalagon and Maedhros.
590 Morgoth is thrust from Arda. The Host of Valinor departs Middle-earth.

The Second Age

See: Timeline/Second Age
The Second Age
S.A. Event
1 Foundation of the Grey Havens, and of Lindon.
32 The Edain, and a few Drúedain, reach Númenor. Elros Tar-Minyatur becomes the first King of Númenor.
c. 40 Dwarves of the Firebeards and Broadbeams clans migrate to Khazad-dûm from the Blue Mountains.
c. 82 The emigration of the Edain to Númenor ends
300 Probable birth of Celebrían, daughter of Galadriel and Celeborn.
442 Death of King Elros Tar-Minyatur. Vardamir Nólimon becomes the second King of Númenor.
443 . Vardamir Nólimon immediately abdicates, Tar-Amandil becomes the third King of Númenor.
c. 500 Sauron returns to Middle-earth in the East.
521 Birth of Silmariën.
543 Birth of Meneldur, fifth King of Númenor.
590 Tar-Amandil surrenders the Sceptre. Tar-Elendil becomes the fourth King of Númenor.
600 Vëantur makes the first Númenórean voyage back to Middle-earth. The Númenóreans meet Men of Eriador at the Tower Hills.
603 Death of Tar-Amandil, third King of Númenor.
630 Birth of Valandil, first Lord of Andúnië.
700 Birth of Aldarion, sixth King of Númenor.
725 Aldarion makes his first journey to Mithlond with Vëantur.
727 Aldarion and Vëantur return to Númenor.
735 Aldarion makes his third journey to Middle-earth, visiting the coasts of the Bay of Belfalas.
739 Aldarion returns to Númenor, bearing gifts from Gil-galad to his father Meneldur.
740 Tar-Elendil surrenders the Sceptre. Tar-Meneldur becomes the fifth King of Númenor.
750 Eregion is founded and construction on Ost-in-Edhil begins.
Aldarion founds the Guild of Venturers.
751 Death of Tar-Elendil, fourth King of Númenor.
771 Birth of Erendis.
806 Aldarion's seven-year voyage.
816 Palarran completed. Aldarion's four-year voyage.
829 Aldarion returns and immediately sets out upon his fourteen-year voyage.
870 Wedding of Aldarion and Erendis.
873 Birth of Ancalimë.
882 Aldarion returns. Separation of Aldarion and Erendis.
883 Tar-Aldarion takes the Sceptre.
892 Ancalimë proclaimed King's Heir and changes law of marriage.
985 Drowning of Erendis.
1000 Sauron begins construction on Barad-dûr.
1075 Tar-Ancalimë takes the Sceptre.
1200 Annatar comes to Lindon and Ereinion Gil-galad turns him away. Númenóreans begin to construct permanent havens.
1280 Tar-Anárion takes the Sceptre.
1394 Tar-Súrion takes the Sceptre.
1500 The Rings of Power are forged; Annatar departs Eregion as Sauron.
1556 Tar-Telperiën takes the Sceptre.
1590 The Three Rings are forged.
1600 The One Ring is forged; Barad-dûr completed; Sauron openly proclaims himself. Glorfindel, Rómestámo, and Morinehtar come to Middle-earth.
1693 The Three Rings are hidden. War of the Elves and Sauron begins.
1697 Sack of Eregion. Death of Celebrimbor. Rivendell founded. Dwarves assail Sauron from behind. Khazad-dûm closes.
1700 Defeat of Sauron by the Númenóreans under King's Heir Minastir.
1701 Sauron driven from Eriador and flees to Mordor. First White Council held.
1731 Death of Tar-Telperiën. Tar-Minastir takes the Sceptre.
1800 Lond Daer Enedh constructed.
1869 Tar-Ciryatan takes the Sceptre.
2029 Tar-Atanamir takes the Sceptre.
2221 Death of Tar-Atanamir. Tar-Ancalimon takes the Sceptre.
2251 Elven tongue is forsworn in Númenor by the King's Men. The Nazgûl appear.
2350 Pelargir is built. It becomes the chief haven of the Faithful Númenóreans.
2386 Death of Tar-Ancalimon. Tar-Telemmaitë takes the Sceptre.
2526 Death of Tar-Telemmaitë. Tar-Vanimeldë takes the Sceptre.
2637 Death of Tar-Vanimeldë. Herucalmo as Tar-Anducal seizes the Sceptre.
2657 Death of Tar-Anducal. Tar-Alcarin takes the Sceptre.
2737 Death of Tar-Alcarin. Ar-Belzagar takes the Sceptre.
2825 Death of Ar-Belzagar. Ardamin as Ar-Abattârik takes the Sceptre.
2899 Death of Ar-Abattârik. Ar-Adûnakhôr takes the Sceptre.
2962 Death of Ar-Adûnakhôr. Ar-Zimrathôn takes the Sceptre.
3033 Death of Ar-Zimrathôn. Ar-Sakalthôr takes the Sceptre.
3102 Death of Ar-Sakalthôr. Ar-Gimilzôr takes the Sceptre.
3117 Birth of Míriel. Elves no longer permitted entrance to Númenor. Elven tongue forbidden in Númenor.
3118 Birth of Pharazôn.
3119 Birth of Elendil.
3177 Death of Ar-Gimilzôr. Tar-Palantir takes the Sceptre. Civil War in Númenor. Prophecy of the White Tree given.
3209 Birth of Isildur.
3219 Birth of Anárion.
3255 Death of Tar-Palantir. Ar-Pharazôn seizes the Sceptre.
3262 Sauron taken to Númenor as a prisoner.
3316 Amandil sails to Aman.
3319 Downfall of Númenor. Changing of the World. Deaths of Ar-Pharazôn and Míriel. Sauron flees back to Middle-earth
3320 Arnor and Gondor founded.
3429 Sauron takes Minas Ithil.
3431 Last Alliance marches to Imladris.
3434 Last Alliance march to Mordor, Battle of Dagorlad. Siege of Barad-dûr. Deaths of Amdír and Oropher.
3440 Death of Anárion.
3441 Deaths of Ereinion Gil-galad and Elendil. Defeat of Sauron. Isildur takes The One Ring.

The Third Age

See: Timeline/Third Age
Third Age
T.A. Event
2 Isildur plants a Sapling of the White Tree in Minas Anor.
Death of Isildur and his sons Elendur, Aratan and Ciryon in the Disaster of the Gladden Fields. The One Ring is lost. Meneldil, son of Anárion, becomes the third King of Gondor and the first sole ruler of the kingdom.
3 Ohtar brings the Shards of Narsil to Imladris.
10 Valandil becomes the third King of Arnor.
48 Birth of Eärendil of Gondor.
87 Birth of Eldacar of Arnor.
109 Elrond and Celebrían wed.
130 Birth of Elladan and Elrohir, twin sons of Elrond and Celebrían.
136 Birth of Anardil of Gondor.
158 Death of King Meneldil. Cemendur becomes the fourth King of Gondor.
185 Birth of Arantar of Arnor.
222 Birth of Ostoher of Gondor.
238 Death of King Cemendur. Eärendil becomes the fifth King of Gondor.
241 Birth of Arwen Undómiel, daughter of Elrond and Celebrían.
249 Death of King Valandil. Eldacar becomes the fourth King of Arnor.
280 Birth of Tarcil of Arnor.
310 Birth of Tarostar (later Rómendacil I) of Gondor.
324 Death of King Eärendil. Anardil becomes the sixth King of Gondor.
339 Death of King Eldacar. Arantar becomes the fifth King of Arnor.
372 Birth of Tarondor of Arnor.
397 Birth of Turambar of Gondor.
411 Death of King Anardil. Ostoher becomes the seventh King of Gondor.
420 Ostoher rebuilds Minas Anor.
435 Death of King Arantar. Tarcil becomes the sixth King of Arnor.
462 Birth of Valandur of Arnor.
480 Birth of Atanatar I of Gondor.
490 First invasion of the Easterlings.
492 Death of King Ostoher. Tarostar (Rómendacil I) becomes the eighth King of Gondor.
500 Tarostar defeats the Easterlings and takes the name Rómendacil I, "East-victor", in token of this.
515 Death of King Tarcil. Tarondor becomes the seventh King of Arnor.
541 Death of King Rómendacil I. Turambar becomes the ninth King of Gondor.
552 Birth of Elendur of Arnor.
570 Birth of Siriondil of Gondor.
602 Death of King Tarondor. Valandur becomes the eighth King of Arnor.
640 Birth of Eärendur of Arnor.
652 Death of King Valandur. Elendur becomes the ninth King of Arnor.
654 Birth of Tarannon Falastur of Gondor.
667 Death of King Turambar. Atanatar I becomes the tenth King of Gondor.
726 Birth of Amlaith of Fornost.
736 Birth of Eärnil I of Gondor.
748 Death of King Atanatar I Siriondil becomes the eleventh King of Gondor.
777 Death of King Elendur. Eärendur becomes the tenth and last King of Arnor.
811 Birth of Beleg of Arthedain.
820 Birth of Ciryandil of Gondor.
830 Death of King Siriondil. Tarannon Falastur becomes the twelfth King of Gondor, beginning the line of Ship-kings.
861 Death of King Eärendur (King of Arnor) of Arnor. Division of Arnor into Arthedain, Rhudaur, and Cardolan. Eärendur's eldest son, Amlaith of Fornost, becomes the first King of Arthedain.
895 Birth of Mallor of Arthedain.
899 Birth of Ciryaher (later Hyarmedacil I) of Gondor.
913 Death of King Tarannon Falastur. Eärnil I becomes the thirteenth King of Gondor and second Ship-king.
933 Umbar seized by Eärnil I.
936 Drowning of King Eärnil I. Ciryandil becomes the fourteenth King of Gondor and third Ship-king.
946 Death of King Amlaith. Beleg becomes the second King of Arthedain.
977 Birth of Atanatar II of Gondor.
979 Birth of Celepharn of Arthedain.
1000 About this time the Istari first appear in Middle-earth.
1015 Death of King Ciryandil. Ciryaher (later Hyarmendacil I) becomes the fifteenth King of Gondor and last of its Ship-kings.
1029 Death of King Beleg. Mallor becomes the third King of Arthedain.
1049 Birth of Narmacil I of Gondor.
1050 Ciryaher conquers Harad and takes the name Hyarmendacil, "South-victor", in token of this. Gondor reaches the height of its power.
About this time a shadow falls on Greenwood, and men begin to call it Mirkwood.
The Periannath are first mentioned in records with the coming of the Harfoots to Eriador.
1058 Birth of Calmacil of Gondor.
1062 Birth of Celebrindor of Arthedain.
1100 The Wise (the Istari and chief Eldar) discover that an evil power has made a stronghold at Dol Guldur. It is thought to be one of the Nazgûl.
1110 Death of King Mallor. Celepharn becomes the fourth King of Arthedain.
1126 Birth of Minalcar (later Rómendacil II) of Gondor.
1144 Birth of Malvegil of Arthedain.
1149 Death of King Hyarmendacil I. Atanatar II Alcarin becomes the sixteenth King of Gondor.
1150 About this time, the Fallohides enter Eriador. The Stoors come over the Redhorn Pass and move either to the Angle or to Dunland.
1191 Death of King Celepharn. Celebrindor becomes the fifth King of Arthedain.
1194 Birth of Valacar of Gondor.
1226 Death of King Atanatar II Alcarin. Narmacil I becomes the seventeenth King of Gondor.
Birth of Argeleb I of Arthedain.
1240 Minalcar (later Rómendacil II) made Regent of Gondor by his uncle King Narmacil II.
1248 Minalcar defeats a large army of Easterlings. He takes the name Rómendacil.
About this time, construction on the Argonath begins.
1250 Minalcar (Rómendacil II) sends his son, Valacar, as an ambassador to the self-styled King of Rhovanion, Vidugavia, prince of the Northmen, in order to better understand their customs.
1255 Birth of Vinitharya (Eldacar) of Gondor in Rhovanion.
1259 Birth of Castamir of Gondor.
1260 Valacar recalled from Rhovanion, by his father, to return to Gondor.
1272 Death of King Celebrindor. Malvegil becomes the sixth King of Arthedain.
1294 Death of King Narmacil I. Calmacil becomes the eighteenth King of Gondor.
1300 The Nazgûl reappear. The Witch-king founds the Kingdom of Angmar. Orcs increase in the Misty Mountains and attack the Dwarves. The Hobbits move westward and some settle in Bree.
1304 Death of King Calmacil. Rómendacil II becomes the nineteenth King of Gondor.
1309 Birth of Arveleg I of Arthedain.
1330 Birth of Aldamir of Gondor.
1332 Possible death of Vidumavi (Galadwen), wife of King Valacar and mother of Eldacar.[note 2]
1344 Possible death of Vidumavi (Galadwen), wife of King Valacar and mother of Eldacar.[note 2]
1349 Death of King Malvegil. Argeleb I becomes the seventh King of Arthedain.
1356 Death of King Argeleb I. Arveleg I becomes the eighth King of Arthedain. About this time, some Stoors return to the Gladden Fields.
1366 Death of King Rómendacil II. Valacar becomes the twentieth King of Gondor.
1391 Births of Araphor of Arnor and Vinyarion (Hyarmendacil II) of Gondor.
1409 The Witch-king of Angmar invades Arnor, destroys the Tower of Amon Sûl, occupies Rhudaur and ravages Cardolan, slaying its last prince.[4] Death of King Arveleg I. Araphor becomes the ninth King of Arthedain.
1432 Death of King Valacar. Eldacar (born Vinitharya) becomes the twenty-first King of Gondor. Start of the Kin-strife.
1437 King Eldacar deposed. Castamir "the Usurper" becomes the twenty-second King of Gondor. The Osgiliath-stone is lost in the Anduin.
1447 Battle of the Crossings of Erui and the Siege of Pelargir. Death of King Castamir. Eldacar regains the kingship of Gondor with the help of the Northmen and Dúnedain of Gondor. End of the Kin-Strife.
1448 Rebels of the sons of Castamir escape the Siege of Pelargir and seize the Haven of Umbar.
1454 Birth of Minardil of Gondor.
1473 Birth of Argeleb II of Arthedain.
1490 Death of King Eldacar. Aldamir becomes the twenty-third King of Gondor.
1516 Birth of Telemnar of Gondor.
1540 Death of King Aldamir. Vinyarion becomes the twenty-fourth King of Gondor.
1551 King Vinyarion defeats the Haradrim and assumes name Hyarmendacil II.
1553 Birth of Arvegil of Arthedain.
1577 Birth of Tarondor of Gondor.
1589 Death of King Araphor. Argeleb II becomes the tenth King of Arthedain.
T.A. S.R. Event
1601 1 Creation of the Shire. The count of years in Shire Reckoning begins with year 1.
1621 21 Death of Hyarmendacil II. Minardil becomes the twenty-fifth King of Gondor.
1630 30 Stoors from Dunland settle in the Shire.
1632 32 Birth of Telumehtar.
1633 33 Birth of Arveleg II.
1634 34 Death of King Minardil. Telemnar becomes the twenty-sixth King of Gondor.
1635 35 The Great Plague hits Rhovanion.
1636 36 The Great Plague spreads to Gondor. Death of King Telemnar and all his children. The White Tree withers and dies. Osgiliath is left in ruins. Barrow-wights inhabit Tyrn Gorthad. Tarondor becomes the twenty-seventh King of Gondor.
1637 37 The Great Plague hits the Shire. The Periannath survive, but suffer great loss.
1640 40 The capital of Gondor is offically moved to Minas Anor. Mordor is left unguarded. King Tarondor plants the Seedling of the White Tree in Minas Anor.
1670 70 Death of Argeleb II. Arvegil becomes King of Arnor.
1684 84 Birth of Narmacil II.
1711 111 Birth of Araval.
1731 131 Birth of Durin VI.
1736 136 Birth of Calimehtar.
1743 143 Death of Arvegil. Arveleg II becomes King of Arnor.
1787 187 Birth of Ondoher.
1789 189 Birth of Araphant.
1798 198 Death of King Tarondor. Telumehtar becomes the twenty-eighth King of Gondor.
1810 210 Telumehtar conquers the Haven of Umbar and takes the name Umbardacil.
1813 213 Death of Arveleg II, Araval becomes King of Arnor.
1832 232 Birth of Náin I.
1850 250 Death of King Telumehtar. Narmacil II becomes the twenty-ninth King of Gondor.
1851 251 Angmar temporarily defeated. Easterlings attack Gondor.
1856 256 Deaths of King Narmacil II and Marhari in the Battle of the Plains. Loss of eastern provinces of Gondor. Calimehtar becomes the thirtieth King of Gondor. Marhwini leads Northmen refugees out of Rhovanion to the Vales of Anduin, where they become the Éothéod.
1864 264 Birth of Arvedui.
1879 279 Birth of Pelendur.
1883 283 Birth of Eärnil II.
1891 291 Death of Araval. Araphant becomes King of Arnor.
1896 296 Birth of Fíriel.
1899 299 Peace on Gondor's eastern front as the Easterlings are defeated.
1900 300 Calimehtar builds the White Tower in Minas Anor.
1919 319 Birth of Vorondil.
1928 328 Birth of Eärnur.
1934 334 Birth of Thráin I.
1936 336 Death of King Calimehtar. Ondoher becomes the thirty-first King of Gondor.
1938 338 Birth of Aranarth. Vorondil creates the Horn of Araw.
1940 340 Gondor and Arnor form an alliance. Arvedui weds Fíriel.
1944 344 Wainrider attacks resume on Gondor's eastern front. Deaths of King Ondoher, Artamir, Faramir and Minohtar. Pelendur becomes interregnum Ruling Steward of Gondor. Arvedui makes claim on sceptre of Gondor but is rejected.
1945 345 Eärnil II is chosen thirty-second King of Gondor.
1950 350 Birth of Imrazôr.
1960 360 Birth of Mardil Voronwë.
1964 364 Death of Araphant. Arvedui becomes King of Arnor.
1973 373 King Arvedui of Arthedain sends word to King Eärnil II of Gondor that they are struggling against the threat of Angmar. Eärnil sends a fleet north carrying his son Eärnur with an army.
1974 374 Destruction of the Kingdom of Arnor.
1975 375 Drowning of Arvedui with two palantíri. Angmar destroyed. Frumgar becomes Lord of the Éothéod.
1976 376 Aranarth becomes the first Chieftain of the Dúnedain.
1977 377 Frumgar drives remnant of Angmar army from the northern vales of Anduin.
1979 379 Bucca of the Marish becomes first Thain of the Shire.
1980 380 Nazgûl gather in Mordor. Durin's Bane awakes in Khazad-dûm. Death of Durin VI. Náin I becomes King of Durin's folk.
1981 381 Death of Náin I. Dwarves flee Moria. Deaths of Amroth and Nimrodel. The Silvan Elves flee south. Galadriel and Celeborn return to Laurelindórenan.
1998 398 Death of Pelendur. Stewardship of Gondor becomes hereditary.
1999 399 Birth of Eradan. Erebor founded. The Arkenstone discovered.
2000 400 The Nazgûl issue from Mordor and besiege Minas Ithil.
2002 402 Capture of Minas Ithil and its palantír. Minas Anor renamed Minas Tirith.
2004 404 Births of Galador and Gilmith.
2012 412 Birth of Arahael. death of Fram.
2029 429 Death of Vorondil.
2035 435 Birth of Thorin I.
2037 437 Birth of Herion.
2043 443 Death of King Eärnil II. Eärnur becomes the thirty-third, and incidentally the last, King of Gondor. The Witch-king issues a challenge to King Eärnur.
2050 450 The Witch-king issues a second challenge to King Eärnur. Death of King Eärnur. End of the line of the Kings of Gondor. The Reign of the Stewards begins. Mardil Voronwë becomes the first Ruling Steward of Gondor.
2059 459 Steward Mardil of Gondor adds two leap days.
2060 460 The Wise fear Sauron is active in Dol Guldur.
Birth of the unnamed second Prince of Dol Amroth.
2063 463 Sauron flees Dol Guldur. The Watchful Peace begins.
2074 474 Birth of Belegorn.
2076 476 Death of Imrazôr.
2080 480 Death of Steward Mardil Voronwë. Eradan becomes the second Ruling Steward of Gondor.
2084 484 Birth of Aranuir.
2106 506 Death of Aranarth. Arahael becomes the second Chieftain of the Dúnedain.
2116 516 Death of Steward Eradan Herion becomes the third Ruling Steward of Gondor.
2120 520 Birth of the unnamed third Prince of Dol Amroth.
2124 524 Birth of Húrin I.
2129 529 Death of Galador. Galador's unnamed son becomes the second Prince of Dol Amroth.
2136 536 Birth of Glóin.
2148 548 Death of Steward Herion. Belegorn becomes the fourth Ruling Steward of Gondor.
2156 556 Birth of Aravir.
2165 565 Birth of Túrin I.
2172 572 Birth of the unnamed fourth Prince of Dol Amroth.
2177 577 Death of Arahael. Aranuir becomes the third Chieftain of the Dúnedain.
2190 590 Death of Thráin I.
2203 603 Death of the unnamed second Prince of Dol Amroth. The second Prince's unnamed son becomes the third Prince of Dol Amroth.
2204 604 Death of Steward Belegorn. Húrin I becomes the fifth Ruling Steward of Gondor.
2210 610 Thorin I goes to the Grey Mountains.
2225 625 Birth of the unnamed fifth Prince of Dol Amroth.
2227 627 Birth of Aragorn I.
2238 638 Birth of Óin.
2244 644 Death of Steward Húrin I. Túrin I becomes the sixth Ruling Steward of Gondor.
2245 645 Birth of Hador.
2247 647 Death of Aranuir. Aravir becomes the fourth Chieftain of the Dúnedain.
2254 654 Death of the unnamed third Prince of Dol Amroth. The third Prince's unnamed son becomes the fourth Prince of Dol Amroth.
2274 674 Birth of the unnamed sixth Prince of Dol Amroth.
2278 678 Death of Steward Túrin I. Hador becomes the seventh Ruling Steward of Gondor.
2289 689 Death of Thorin I.
2290 690 Birth of Barahir.
2296 696 Birth of Araglas.
2299 699 Death of the unnamed fourth Prince of Dol Amroth. The fourth Prince's unnamed son becomes the fifth Prince of Dol Amroth.
2319 719 Death of Aravir. Aragorn I becomes the fifth Chieftain of the Dúnedain.
2324 724 Birth of the unnamed seventh Prince of Dol Amroth.
2327 727 Death of Aragorn I. Araglas becomes the sixth Chieftain of the Dúnedain.
2328 728 Birth of Dior.
2338 738 Birth of Náin II.
2340 740 Buckland is settled. Brandy Hall constructed.
2348 748 Death of the unnamed fifth Prince of Dol Amroth. The fifth Prince's unnamed son becomes the sixth Prince of Dol Amroth.
2360 760 Hador adds a day to this year to correct for the millennial deficit.
2365 765 Birth of Arahad I.
2373 773 Birth of the unnamed eighth Prince of Dol Amroth.
2375 775 Birth of Denethor I.
2385 785 Death of Glóin.
2395 795 Death of Steward Hador. Barahir becomes the eighth Ruling Steward of Gondor.
2400 800 Death of the unnamed sixth Prince of Dol Amroth. The sixth Prince's unnamed son becomes the seventh Prince of Dol Amroth.
2410 810 Birth of Boromir.
2412 812 Death of Steward Barahir. Dior becomes the ninth Ruling Steward of Gondor.
2418 818 Birth of the unnamed ninth Prince of Dol Amroth.
2430 830 About this time, Sméagol is born.
2431 831 Birth of Aragost.
2435 835 Death of Steward Dior. Denethor I becomes the tenth Ruling Steward of Gondor.
2440 840 Birth of Dáin I.
2449 849 Birth of Cirion.
2450 850 Birth of Borin.
2455 855 Death of Araglas. Arahad I becomes the seventh Chieftain of the Dúnedain.
2458 858 Death of the unnamed seventh Prince of Dol Amroth. The seventh Prince's unnamed son becomes the eighth Prince of Dol Amroth.
2459 859 Birth of Léod.
2460 860 Sauron returns to Dol Guldur. The Watchful Peace ends.
2463 863 Formation of the White Council. The One Ring discovered by Déagol who is slain by Sméagol
Birth of the unnamed tenth Prince of Dol Amroth.
2470 870 Sméagol hides in Goblin-town within the Misty Mountains.
2475 875 Boromir defends Osgiliath.
2477 877 Death of Steward Denethor I. Boromir becomes the eleventh Ruling Steward of Gondor.
2480 880 Birth of Hallas. Orcs make secret strongholds in the Misty Mountains. Sauron sends Orcs to Moria.
2485 885 Birth of Eorl.
2488 888 Death of Óin.
2489 889 Death of Steward Boromir. Cirion becomes the twelfth Ruling Steward of Gondor.
2497 897 Birth of Aravorn.
2498 898 Death of the unnamed eighth Prince of Dol Amroth. The eighth Prince's unnamed son becomes the ninth Prince of Dol Amroth.
2501 901 Death of Léod whilst trying to tame the horse Felaróf. Eorl becomes Lord of the Éothéod at age sixteen and tames Felaróf, first of the Mearas.
2505 905 Birth of the unnamed eleventh Prince of Dol Amroth.
2509 909 Celebrían poisoned by an Orc blade.
2510 910 Celebrían sails over the Sea. Battle of the Field of Celebrant. Oaths of Cirion and Eorl. Calenardhon ceded to Éothéod and Rohan is created. Eorl becomes the first King of Rohan. Cirion moves the Tomb of Elendil to Minas Tirith.
2512 912 Birth of Brego.
2515 915 Birth of Húrin II.
2523 923 Death of Arahad I. Aragost becomes the eighth Chieftain of the Dúnedain.
2540 940 Death of the unnamed ninth Prince of Dol Amroth. The ninth Prince's unnamed son becomes the tenth Prince of Dol Amroth.
2542 942 Birth of Thrór.
2544 944 Birth of Aldor.
2545 945 Death of King Eorl. Brego becomes the second King of Rohan Rohan. Birth of Belecthor I.
2546 946 Birth of the unnamed twelfth Prince of Dol Amroth.
2552 952 Birth of Frór.
2560 960 Birth of Farin.
2563 963 Births of Arahad II and Grór.
2567 967 Death of Steward Cirion. Hallas becomes the thirteenth Steward of Gondor.
2569 969 King Brego completes Meduseld.
2570 970 Baldor enters the Paths of the Dead. Death of King Brego. Aldor becomes the third King of Rohan. Birth of Fréa. Dragons reappear in Ered Mithrin.
2576 976 Birth of Orodreth.
2582 982 Death of the unnamed tenth Prince of Dol Amroth. The tenth Prince's unnamed son becomes the eleventh Prince of Dol Amroth.
2585 985 Death of Náin II.
2588 988 Death of Aragost. Aravorn becomes the ninth Chieftain of the Dúnedain
Birth of the unnamed thirteenth Prince of Dol Amroth.
2589 989 Deaths of Dáin I and Frór.
2590 990 Thrór returns to Erebor and becomes King under the Mountain. Grór goes to the Iron Hills.
2594 994 Birth of Fréawine.
2600 1000 Birth of Ecthelion I.
2605 1005 Death of Steward Hallas. Húrin II becomes the fourteenth Steward of Gondor.
2619 1019 Birth of Goldwine.
2620 1020 Birth of Isengrim Took II.
2623 1023 Death of the unnamed eleventh Prince of Dol Amroth. The eleventh Prince's unnamed son becomes the twelfth Prince of Dol Amroth.
2626 1026 Birth of Egalmoth.
2627 1027 Birth of the unnamed fourteenth Prince of Dol Amroth.
2628 1028 Birth of Arassuil. Death of Steward Húrin II. Belecthor I becomes the fifteenth Steward of Gondor
2644 1044 Thráin II born. Déor born.
2645 1045 Death of King Aldor. Fréa becomes the fourth King of Rohan.
2654 1054 Death of Aravorn. Arahad II becomes Chieftain of the Dúnedain.
2655 1055 Death of Steward Belecthor I. Orodreth becomes the sixteenth Ruling Steward of Gondor. Birth of Beren.
2659 1059 Death of King Fréa. Fréawine becomes the fifth King of Rohan.
2660 1060 Death of the unnamed twelfth Prince of Dol Amroth. The twelfth Prince's unnamed son becomes the thirteenth Prince of Dol Amroth.
2662 1062 Birth of Fundin.
2665 1065 Birth of Náin.
2666 1066 Birth of Isumbras Took III.
2668 1068 Birth of Gram.
2670 1070 Tobold Hornblower plants Pipe-weed.
2671 1071 Birth of Gróin.
Birth of the unnamed fifteenth Prince of Dol Amroth.
2680 1080 Death of King Fréawine. Goldwine becomes the sixth King of Rohan.
2683 1083 Great Smials constructed.
2685 1085 Death of Steward Orodreth. Ecthelion I becomes the seventeenth Ruling Steward of Gondor.
2691 1091 Birth of Helm.
2693 1093 Birth of Arathorn I.
2698 1098 Ecthelion I rebuilds the White Tower in Minas Tirith. Death of Steward Ecthelion I. Egalmoth becomes the eighteenth Ruling Steward of Gondor.
2699 1099 Death of King Goldwine. Déor becomes the seventh King of Rohan.
2700 1100 Birth of Beregond.
2701 1101 Birth of Ferumbras Took II.
Death of the unnamed thirteenth Prince of Dol Amroth. The thirteenth Prince's unnamed son becomes the fourteenth Prince of Dol Amroth.
2704 1104 Birth of Bandobras Took.
2709 1109 Birth of the unnamed sixteenth Prince of Dol Amroth.
2710 1110 Dunlendings capture Isengard.
2711 1111 Death of Borin.
2718 1118 Death of King Déor. Gram becomes the eighth King of Rohan.
2719 1119 Death of Arahad II. Arassuil becomes Chieftain of the Dúnedain.
2722 1122 Death of Isengrim Took II. Isumbras Took III becomes Thain of the Shire.
2726 1126 Birth of Fréaláf.
2731 1131 Birth of Gundolpho Bolger.
2733 1133 Death of the unnamed fourteenth Prince of Dol Amroth. The fourteenth Prince's unnamed son becomes the fifteenth Prince of Dol Amroth.
2734 1134 Birth of Gormadoc Brandybuck.
2740 1140 Orcs invade Eriador.
2741 1141 Death of King Gram. Helm becomes the ninth King of Rohan.
2743 1143 Death of Steward Egalmoth. Beren becomes the nineteenth Ruling Steward of Gondor.
2745 1145 Birth of Fortinbras Took I.
2746 1146 Birth of Thorin II Oakenshield.
The unnamed fifteenth Prince of Dol Amroth is killed by the Corsairs of Umbar. The fifteenth Prince's unnamed son becomes the sixteenth Prince of Dol Amroth.
Birth of the unnamed seventeenth Prince of Dol Amroth.
2747 1147 Battle of Greenfields. Death of Golfimbul.
2748 1148 Orcs driven from Eriador.
2751 1151 Birth of Frerin.
2752 1152 Births of Belecthor II and Brytta.
2754 1154 Death of Freca.
2757 1157 Birth of Argonui.
2758 1158 Umbar attacks Gondor. Easterlings and Dunlendings invade Rohan. Edoras siezed. Gandalf aids the Shire. The Long Winter begins. Deaths of Haleth and Háma.
2759 1159 Saruman gains the keys to Orthanc. Edoras recaptured. End of the Long Winter. Death of Isumbras Took III. Ferumbras Took II becomes Thain of the Shire. Death of King Helm Hammerhand. Fréaláf (son of Hild, sister of Helm) becomes the tenth King of Rohan.
2760 1160 Births of Dís and Hamfast of Gamwich.
2763 1163 Death of Steward Beren. Beregond becomes the twentieth Ruling Steward of Gondor. Birth of Balin.
2767 1167 Births of Dáin II Ironfoot, Balbo Baggins, and Bosco Boffin.
2769 1169 Birth of Basso Boffin.
2770 1170 Destruction of Dale. Smaug takes Erebor. Birth of Briffo Boffin.
2772 1172 Births of Dwalin and Berylla Boffin (Baggins).
2774 1174 Births of Óin and Gundahar Bolger.
2775 1175 Birth of Madoc Brandybuck.
2778 1178 Birth of Rudolph Bolger.
2779 1179 Birth of Sadoc Brandybuck.
2780 1180 Births of Walda and Gundahad Bolger.
2782 1182 Births of Thorondir and Marroc Brandybuck.
2783 1183 Birth of Glóin.
2784 1184 Death of Arassuil. Arathorn I becomes Chieftain of the Dúnedain.
2785 1185 Birth of the unnamed eighteenth Prince of Dol Amroth.
2788 1188 Birth of Roäc.
2790 1190 Death of Thrór. Dwarves prepare for war. Gerontius Took born.
2793 1193 The War of the Dwarves and Orcs begins.
2795 1195 Basso Boffin leaves the Shire and supposedly goes to sea.
2798 1198 Death of King Fréaláf Hildeson. Brytta becomes the eleventh King of Rohan.
2799 1199 Battle of Nanduhirion. Deaths of Azog, Náin, Frerin and Fundin. War of the Dwarves and Orcs ends.
The unnamed sixteenth Prince of Dol Amroth is slain in battle. The sixteenth Prince's unnamed son becomes the seventeenth Prince of Dol Amroth.
2800 1200 Orcs invade Rohan. Wiseman Gamwich born.
2801 1201 Death of Ferumbras Took II. Fortinbras Took I becomes Thain of the Shire.
2802 1202 Thráin II and Thorin II Oakenshield come to Ered Luin.
2803 1203 Death of Farin.
2804 1204 Birth of Folca.
2805 1205 Death of Grór.
2806 1206 Death of Bandobras Took.
2807 1207 Birth of Mungo Baggins.
2810 1210 Birth of Fastolph Bolger.
2811 1211 Death of Steward Beregond. Belecthor II becomes twenty-first Ruling Steward of Gondor.
2812 1212 Births of Pansy Baggins (Bolger) and Otto Boffin.
2814 1214 Birth of Laura Grubb.
2815 1215 Births of Túrin II and Adalgar Bolger.
2816 1216 Birth of Ponto Baggins I.
2817 1217 Birth of Marmadoc Brandybuck.
2818 1218 Birth of Adaldrida Bolger (Brandybuck).
2820 1220 Births of Arador, Largo Baggins, and Cottar (sire of the Cottons).
2822 1222 Births of Lily Baggins (Goodbody) and Gundabald Bolger.
2826 1226 Birth of Salvia Brandybuck (Bolger).
2827 1227 Birth of Aglahad.
2830 1230 Birth of Folcwine. Death of Gundolpho Bolger.
2832 1232 Birth of Isengrim Took III.
2836 1236 Death of Gormadoc Brandybuck. Madoc Brandybuck becomes Master of Buckland.
2838 1238 Birth of Isumbras Took IV.
2840 1240 Birth of Hildigrim Took.
2841 1241 Thráin II sets out to revisit Erebor.
2842 1242 Birth of Isembold Took. Death of King Brytta. Walda becomes the twelfth King of Rohan.
2844 1244 Birth of Hildifons Took.
2845 1245 Thráin II captured and Ring of Durin taken. Gandalf enters Moria.
2846 1246 Births of Bungo Baggins and Hob Gammidge.
2847 1247 Birth of Isembard Took.
2848 1248 Death of Arathorn I. Argonui becomes Chieftain of the Dúnedain. Death of Fortinbras Took I. Gerontius Took becomes Thain of the Shire
2849 1249 Births of Hildibrand Took and Rowan.
2850 1250 Gandalf secretly enters Dol Guldur. Death of Thráin II.
2851 1251 The White Council meets to discuss Dol Guldur. Saruman learns of Hobbits. Birth of Halfred Greenhand. Death of King Walda. Folca becomes the thirteenth King of Rohan.
2852 1252 Birth of Belladonna Took (Baggins). Death of the White Tree of Gondor/
2854 1254 Births of Erling and Hugo Boffin.
2855 1255 Births of Turgon and Rudigar Bolger.
2856 1256 Births of Belba Baggins (Bolger), Rosa Baggins (Took), and Donnamira Took (Boffin).
2857 1257 Birth of Uffo Boffin.
2858 1258 Birth of Folcred and Fastred. Death of Bosco Boffin.
2859 1259 Births of Fíli and Hending.
Death of the unnamed seventeenth Prince of Dol Amroth. The seventeenth Prince's unnamed son becomes the eighteenth Prince of Dol Amroth.
2860 1260 Births of Longo Baggins, Mirabella Took (Brandybuck), Rollo Boffin, Gorbadoc Brandybuck, Cotman, and Rudibert Bolger.
2861 1261 Birth of Theobald Bolger.
2862 1262 Births of Linda Baggins (Proudfoot), Isengar Took, and Rose (Cotton).
2863 1263 Birth of Carl Cotton.
2864 1264 Orc raids in Rohan cease. Births of Kíli, Bingo Baggins, Ruby Bolger (Baggins), and Fosco Baggins. Death of King Folca. Folcwine becomes the fourteenth King of Rohan.
2865 1265 Birth of Primrose Boffin (Bracegirdle).
2866 1266 Births of Angelimir and Thorin III Stonehelm.
2868 1268 Birth of Orgulas Brandybuck.
2870 1270 Birth of Fengel.
2872 1272 Death of Steward Belecthor II. Thorondir becomes the twenty-second Ruling Steward of Gondor.
2873 1273 Birth of Arathorn II.
2875 1275 Death of Gundahar Bolger.
2877 1277 Death of Madoc Brandybuck. Marmadoc Brandybuck becomes Master of Buckland.
2878 1278 Birth of Fortinbras Took II.
2879 1279 Birth of Gimli.
2880 1280 Birth of Adalgrim Took.
2882 1282 Death of Steward Thorondir. Túrin II becomes the twenty-third Ruling Steward of Gondor.
2883 1283 Birth of Lalia Clayhanger.
2885 1285 Haradrim attack. Deaths of Folcred and Fastred. Birth of Hobson Gamgee.
2886 1286 Birth of Ecthelion II.
2887 1287 Birth of Flambard Took.
2890 1290 Births of Bilbo Baggins and Sigismond Took.
2892 1292 Birth of Holman Greenhand.
2894 1294 Birth of Jago Boffin.
2895 1295 Birth of Herugar Bolger.
2897 1297 Birth of Jessamine Boffin (Bolger).
2899 1299 Death of the unnamed eighteenth Prince of Dol Amroth. The eighteenth Prince's son, Aglahad, becomes the nineteenth Prince of Dol Amroth.
2900 1300 Deaths of Mungo Baggins and Otto Boffin. Birth of Gruffo Boffin.
2901 1301 Ithilien deserted. Henneth Annûn constructed. Birth of Adalbert Bolger.
2902 1302 Births of Posco Baggins, Dora Baggins, Rorimac Brandybuck, and Holman Cotton.
2903 1303 Birth of Falco Chubb-Baggins. Death of King Folcwine. Fengel becomes the fifteenth King of Rohan.
2904 1304 Births of Odo Proudfoot, Amaranth Brandybuck, Wilibald Bolger, and Gerda Boffin (Bolger).
2905 1305 Birth of Thengel.
2906 1306 Birth of Prisca Baggins (Bolger).
2907 1307 Birth of Gilraen.
2908 1308 Births of Drogo Baggins, Saradas Brandybuck, and Gorbulas Brandybuck.
2910 1310 Birth of Otho Sackville-Baggins. Death of Marmadoc Brandybuck. Gorbadoc Brandybuck becomes Master of Buckland.
2911 1311 Births of Dudo Baggins and Dodinas Brandybuck. Death of Ponto Baggins I. The Fell Winter. Wolves invade Eriador.
2912 1312 Devastating floods in Minhiriath and Enedwaith. Death of Argonui. Arador becomes Chieftain of the Dúnedain. Tharbad deserted. Deaths of Largo Baggins and Lily Baggins (Goodbody).
2913 1313 Births of Asphodel Brandybuck (Burrows) and Bruno Bracegirdle.
2914 1314 Death of Steward Túrin II. Turgon becomes the twenty-fourth Ruling Steward of Gondor. Death of Adalgar Bolger.
2916 1316 Births of Ferumbras Took III and Dinodas Brandybuck. Death of Laura Grubb.
2917 1317 Birth of Adrahil II.
2918 1318 Birth of Lobelia Bracegirdle (Sackville-Baggins).
2920 1320 Death of Gerontius Took. Isengrim Took III becomes Thain of the Shire. Birth of Primula Brandybuck (Baggins).
2922 1322 Birth of Morwen.
2923 1323 Death of Gróin. Birth of Andwise Roper.
2926 1326 Birth of Hamfast Gamgee. Death of Bungo Baggins.
2928 1328 Births of Adelard Took and May Gamgee.
2929 1329 Arathorn II weds Gilraen.
2930 1330 Death of Arador. Arathorn II becomes Chieftain of the Dúnedain. Birth of Denethor II. Death of Isengrim Took III. Isumbras Took IV becomes Thain of the Shire.
2931 1331 Birth of Aragorn.
2932 1332 Birth of Halfred of Overhill
Death of Aglahad. Angelimir becomes Prince of Dol Amroth.
2933 1333 Death of Arathorn II. Aragorn becomes Chieftain of the Dúnedain. Birth of Paladin Took II.
2934 1334 Deaths of Hildibrand Took and Belladonna Took (Baggins).
2935 1335 Birth of Odovacar Bolger.
2936 1336 Birth of Esmeralda Took (Brandybuck).
2937 1337 Birth of Vigo Boffin.
2938 1338 Birth of Rosamunda Took (Bolger).
2939 1339 Saruman discovers Sauron is searching the Gladden Fields. Death of Isumbras Took IV. Fortinbras Took II becomes Thain of the Shire.
2940 1340 Births of Ferdinand Took and Saradoc Brandybuck.
2941 1341 Bilbo gains the One Ring. Sauron driven from Dol Guldur. Thorin II Oakenshield becomes King of Erebor. Battle of Five Armies. Deaths of Fíli, Kíli, Bolg, Smaug and Thorin II Oakenshield. Dáin II becomes King of Erebor.
Birth of Tolman Cotton. Death of Hildigrim Took.
2942 1342 Sauron returns to Mordor. Births of Merimac Brandybuck and Filibert Bolger.
2943 1343 Birth of Marmadas Brandybuck. Thengel weds Morwen.
2944 1344 Dale rebuilt. Gollum begins his hunt for the One Ring. Birth of Poppy Chubb-Baggins (Bolger) and Griffo Boffin.
2945 1345 Death of Hugo Boffin.
2946 1346 Births of Olo Proudfoot, Ponto Baggins II, and Wilcome Cotton I. Deaths of Isembold Took and Isembard Took
2947 1347 Births of Ivriniel, Milo Burrows, Wilimar Bolger.
2948 1348 Births of Théoden, Porto Baggins, and Seredic Brandybuck. Deaths of Donnamira Took (Boffin) and Rudigar Bolger.
2949 1349 Gandalf and Balin visit the Shire.
2950 1350 Births of Finduilas, Peony Baggins (Burrows), Daisy Baggins, and Hugo Bracegirdle. Death of Longo Baggins.
2951 1351 Sauron sends three Nazgûl to reoccupy Dol Guldur. Construction begins on Barad-dûr. Birth of Heribald Bolger.
2952 1352 Elrond reveals to 'Estel' his true name and ancestry. He gives Aragorn the Shards of Narsil. In the woods of Rivendell, Aragorn meets Arwen. Aragorn goes into the Wild.
2953 1353 Last meeting of the White Council
Death of Steward Turgon. Ecthelion II becomes Ruling Steward of Gondor. Saruman begins to fortify Isengard. Death of King Fengel. Thengel becomes the sixteenth King of Rohan.
2954 1354 Orodruin re-awakens. Birth of Hilda Bracegirdle (Brandybuck).
2955 1355 Birth of Imrahil.
2956 1356 Aragorn meets Gandalf. Deaths of Belba Baggins (Bolger) and Rosa Baggins (Took).
2957 1357 Aragorn begins his great journeys as Thorongil.
2960 1360 Deaths of Bingo Baggins, Fosco Baggins, Mirabella Took (Brandybuck)and Isengar Took. Birth of Nora Bolger.
2961 1361 Birth of Anson Roper.
2963 1363 Birth of Théodwyn. Deaths of Linda Baggins (Proudfoot) and Gorbadoc Brandybuck. Rorimac Brandybuck becomes Master of Buckland.
2964 1364 Birth of Lotho Sackville-Baggins.
2965 1365 Birth of Hamson Gamgee.
2968 1368 Birth of Frodo Baggins.
2969 1369 Births of Reginard Took and Halfred Gamgee.
2972 1372 Birth of Daisy Gamgee.
2975 1375 Birth of Pearl Took.
2976 1376 Denethor II weds Finduilas. Birth of May Gamgee.
2977 1377 Death of Bard I. Bain becomes King of Dale.
Death of Angelimir. Adrahil II becomes Prince of Dol Amroth.
2978 1378 Births of Boromir, Théodred, and Folco Boffin. Death of Elfhild.
2979 1379 Birth of Pimpernel Took.
2980 1380 Adventures of Thorongil end. Aragorn and Arwen are betrothed. Gollum meets Shelob. Deaths of King Thengel, Fortinbras Took II, Drogo Baggins, and Primula Brandybuck (Baggins). Théoden becomes the sixteenth King of Rohan. Births of Fredegar Bolger, Samwise Gamgee, Everard Took, Berilac Brandybuck, and Tolman Cotton Junior. Ferumbras Took III becomes Thain of the Shire.
2981 1381 Births of Angelica Baggins and Merimas Brandybuck.
2982 1382 Birth of Meriadoc Brandybuck. Death of Adalgrim Took
2983 1383 Births of Faramir, Ferdibrand Took, Mentha Brandybuck, and Marigold Gamgee (Cotton).
2984 1384 Deaths of Steward Ecthelion II and Hobson Gamgee. Denethor becomes Ruling Steward of Gondor. Births of Rose Cotton (Gamgee) and Wilcome Cotton II. Denethor II begins to use the Anor-stone.
2985 1385 Births of Pervinca Took, Estella Bolger (Brandybuck), and Melilot Brandybuck.
2986 1386 Birth of Bowman Cotton. Death of Jago Boffin.
2987 1387 Births of Elphir and Mosco Burrows.
2988 1388 Death of Finduilas. Birth of Tosto Boffin.
2989 1389 Death of Flambard Took. Births of Doderic Brandybuck and Carl 'Nibs' Cotton. Éomund weds Théodwyn. Balin's expedition to Moria begins.
2990 1390 Saruman begins breeding Orcs. Births of Erchirion, Sancho Proudfoot, and Peregrin Took. Death of Herugar Bolger.
2991 1391 Births of Éomer, Moro Burrows, and Ilberic Brandybuck. Death of Sigismond Took.
2993 1393 Birth of Myrtle Burrows.
2994 1394 Destruction of Balin's colony in Moria. Deaths of Balin, Óin, Ori, Flói, Frár, Lóni, and Náli. Births of Amrothos and Celandine Brandybuck.
2995 1395 Births of Éowyn and Diamond of Long Cleeve (Took).
2996 1396 Birth of Minto Burrows.
2997 1397 Death of Adalbert Bolger.
2998 1398 Death of Amaranth Brandybuck.
2999 1399 Birth of Lothíriel. Deaths of Falco Chubb-Baggins, Gruffo Boffin and Dodinas Brandybuck.
3000 1400 Saruman ensnared by Sauron. Death of Wilibald Bolger.
3001 1401 Gandalf begins to suspect the One Ring is in the Shire. Bilbo's birthday feast. Frodo Baggins comes in possession of the One Ring.
3002 1402 Deaths of Éomund, Théodwyn, and Lalia Clayhanger. Bilbo comes to Imladris.
3003 1403 Bilbo Baggins begins work on his Translations from the Elvish.
3004 1404 Gandalf begins to visit the Shire on a regular basis. Death of Gerda Boffin (Bolger).
3005 1405 Death of Odo Proudfoot.
3006 1406 Death of Dora Baggins.
3007 1407 Brand takes the sceptre of Dale after the death of his father Bain. Death of Gilraen and Saradas Brandybuck.
3008 1408 Gandalf's regular visits to the Shire end. Death of Rorimac Brandybuck. Saradoc Brandybuck becomes Master of Buckland.
3009 1409 Gandalf and Aragorn hunt for Gollum. Death of Dudo Baggins.
3010 1410 Deaths of Adrahil II, Bruno Bracegirdle, and Dinodas Brandybuck. Imrahil becomes Prince of Dol Amroth.
3012 1412 Deaths of Otho Sackville-Baggins and Asphodel Brandybuck (Burrows).
3013 1413 Will Whitfoot is elected Mayor of Michel Delving.
3014 1414 Gríma Wormtongue becomes chief counsellor for Théoden.
3015 1415 Death of Ferumbras Took III. Paladin Took II becomes Thain of the Shire.
3016 1416 Arwen returns to Imladris.
3017 1417 Gollum captured and taken to Barad-dûr. Birth of Alphros. Éomer becomes Marshal. Gandalf reads the scroll of Isildur in Minas Tirith.
3018 1418 The War of the Ring begins. Thranduil's kingdom in Mirkwood assailed by Orcs. Osgiliath taken and much land east of Anduin under Mordor control. Gollum hides in Moria. Gandalf learns of the treachery of Saruman. Frodo reaches Rivendell. The Council of Elrond is held and the Fellowship of the Ring formed.
3019 1419 The Quest of the Ring. Gandalf falls at the hand of a Balrog in the Mines of Moria. Boromir dies defending Merry and Pippin from Saruman's Uruk-hai. The Breaking of the Fellowship. Gollum leads Frodo and Sam into Mordor. Gandalf returns as Gandalf the White and frees Théoden from the hold of Saruman. The Battle of Helm's Deep. The Ents fight the Battle of Isengard. Aragorn walks the Paths of the Dead. Simultaneous attacks on Thranduil, Lothlórien and Gondor. The Battle of Pelennor Fields. Deaths of Denethor II, Théoden and the Witch-king of Angmar. Assault upon Dale and Erebor. Deaths of Dáin II and Brand. The Battle of the Morannon. The One Ring destroyed. End of Sauron. Nazgûl destroyed. Death of Gollum. Bard II becomes King of Dale. Thorin III Stonehelm becomes King of Erebor. Éomer becomes the eighteenth King of Rohan. Aragorn takes the name Elessar and the Sceptre of the Reunited Kingdom, becoming the thirty-fourth King of Gondor and the first High King of the Reunited Kingdom. Mirkwood renamed Eryn Lasgalen. East Lórien founded. The Scouring of the Shire. Deaths of Lotho Sackville-Baggins, Saruman, and Gríma Wormtongue. End of the War of the Ring.
3020 1420 Drúedain destroy remnant of Saruman's Orcs. Faramir and Éowyn wed. Samwise weds Rose Cotton. Death of Lobelia Bracegirdle (Sackville-Baggins).
3021 1421 Birth of Elanor Gamgee. Éomer and Lothíriel wed. Elrond, Galadriel, Gandalf, Bilbo and Frodo pass over the Sea.[5][note 3]

The Fourth Age

See: Timeline/Fourth Age
Fourth Age
Fo.A. S.R. Events
1 1422 The Fourth Age begins in the reckoning of the Shire.[6] Birth of Eldarion, son of King Elessar and Queen Arwen.[7]
2 1423 Death of Adelard Took.[8] Birth of Frodo Gardner.[9]
4 1425 Birth of Rose Gardner.[9]
6 1427 Will Whitfoot resigns and Samwise is elected Mayor.[10] Merry Gardner born.[9] Peregrin Took marries Diamond of Long Cleeve.[10]
King Elessar issues an edict that Men are not to enter the Drúadan Forest and Shire, and he makes it a Free Land under the protection of the Northern Sceptre.[10]
7 1428 Death of Gaffer Gamgee.[9]
8 1429 Birth of Pippin Gardner.[9]
9 1430 Birth of Faramir Took I son of Peregrin Took.[8] Deaths of Merimac Brandybuck[11] and Vigo Boffin.[12]
10 1431 Birth of Goldilocks Gardner.[9] Death of Odovacar Bolger.[13]
11 1432 Death of the Saradoc Brandybuck.[11] Meriadoc becomes Master of Buckland and great gifts are sent to him by King Éomer and Lady Éowyn of Ithilien.[10] Birth of Hamfast Gardner.[9]
12 1433 Birth of Daisy Gardner.[9]
13 1434 Death of Paladin Took II.[8] Peregrin Took becomes the Thain and King Elessar makes the Thain, the Master of Buckland and the Mayor to be Counsellors of the North-kingdom.[10] Samwise elected Mayor for the second time.[10]
14 1435 Death of Olo Proudfoot.[14]Birth of Primrose Gardner.[9]
15 1436 King Elessar rides north and dwells for a while in Annúminas by Lake Evendim. He comes to the Brandywine Bridge, and there greets his friends. He gives the Star of the Dúnedain to Master Samwise, and Elanor is made a maid of honour to Queen Arwen.[10]
Death of Glóin.[15] Birth of Bilbo Gardner.[9]
17 1438 Birth of Ruby Gardner.[9]
19 1440 Birth of Robin Gardner.[9] Death of Farmer Cotton.[9]
20 1441 Samwise elected Mayor for the third time.[10] Legolas brought south Elves out of Greenwood, and they dwelt in Ithilien, and it became once again the "fairest country in all the westlands."[16][17]
21 1442 Samwise, Rose and Elanor ride to Gondor; Master Tolman Cotton acts as deputy Mayor.[10]Birth of Tolman Gardner.[9]
22 1443 Samwise, Rose and Elanor leave Gondor.[10] Death of Filibert Bolger.[13]
27 1448 Samwise elected Mayor for the fourth time.[10]
30 1451 Elanor Gardner weds Fastred of Greenholm on the Far Downs.[10]
31 1452 The Westmarch becomes a part of the Shire by the gift of the King. Many hobbits move to it.[10]
33 1454 Birth of Elfstan Fairbairn son of Fastred and Elanor.[10]
34 1455 Death of Imrahil. Elphir becomes Prince of Dol Amroth.[18]
Fastred and Elanor make their dwelling at Undertowers on the Tower Hills, where their descendants, the Fairbairns of the Towers, dwell for many generations.[10]
Samwise elected Mayor for the fifth time. At his request the Thain makes Fastred Warden of Westmarch.[10]
41 1462 Birth of Holfast Gardner.[9]
Samwise elected Mayor for the sixth time.[10]
42 1463 Faramir Took I weds Goldilocks Gardner.[10]
48 1469 Samwise becomes Mayor for seventh and final time.[10]
55 1476 Samwise Gamgee ends his seventh and last term as Mayor of Michel Delving.[10]
61 1482 Death of Rose Gamgee on Midyear's Day.[10]
On 22 September Samwise rides out from Bag End and he comes to the Tower Hills, where he is last seen by Elanor. He gives her the Red Book afterwards kept by the Fairbairns. Samwise passes the Towers, goes to the Grey Havens and passes over the Sea, last of the Ring-bearers.[10]
63 1484 Peregrin Took commissions a copy of the original Red Book of the Periannath, later known as the Thain's Book, at the request of King Elessar. Meriadoc Brandybuck and Peregrin depart from the Shire and travel south carrying the book. Faramir Took I succeeds his father Peregrin as Thain of the Shire. Meriadoc comes to Edoras and is with King Éomer before he dies in the autumn. Meriadoc and Peregrin come to Gondor and pass what short years are left to them in that realm, until they die and are laid in Rath Dínen among the great of Gondor.[10]
Elfwine becomes King of Rohan.[19]
67 1488 Death of Prince Elphir. Alphros becomes Prince of Dol Amroth.[20]
80 1501 Birth of Harding of the Hill (Harding Gardner), Samwise Gamgee's great-grandson and the last head of the Gardner Family named in the histories.[9]
82 1503 Death of Faramir.[21] Elboron becomes Prince of Ithilien and Steward of the Reunited Kingdom.[18]
91 1512 Death of Dwalin at 340 years of age.[15]
95 1516 Death of Alphros.[20]
120 1541 1 March: King Elessar dies. It is said that the beds of Meriadoc and Peregrin are set beside the bed of the great king. Eldarion becomes King of the Reunited Kingdom.[10]
Legolas builds a grey ship in Ithilien, and with Gimli sails down Anduin and so over the Sea. End in Middle-earth of the Fellowship of the Ring.[10]
121 1542 Death of Arwen Undómiel in Lórien.[22]
171 1592 A copy of the Thain's Book is completed in Minas Tirith by Findegil, the King's Writer; probably commissioned by an unnamed great-grandson of Peregrin Took. The copy is sent to the Shire, where it is kept in the library at Great Smials.[23]
After 171 After 1592 Durin VII is born, grows to adulthood, and retakes Khazad-dûm for the Dwarves of Durin's Folk.[15]
185 1606 Death of Harding of the Hill.[24]:115
210 1631 Possible death date of Borlas' wife.[25]
217 1638 Possible date when Berelach, Beregond's grandson, was given a high command, causing his visits to Pen-arduin to see his father to become short and not very often.[26]
220 1641 Possible date for when Herumor's dark cult was active in Gondor;[27] the mysterious disappearance of a few Shipmen and a small vessel of the King's Ships;[27] Berelach's April visit to Pen-arduin;[27] Borlas' later discussion with Saelon about the nature of evil;[27] the discovery and overthrow of Herumor's dark cult.[28] About this time, Eldarion's reign as High King comes to an end.[29]
Unknown Celeborn, Círdan, and any other Elves in Middle-earth who remember the First Age depart the Grey Havens on the Last Ship.[30]

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