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ToME, or Tales (or Troubles) of Middle Earth, is a roguelike computer game created in 1998 by someone who identifies himself only as DarkGod. ToME is an Angband variant, originally based on the ZAngband 2.2.9a source code, which now differs greatly from it. ToME was also used as a base for many derivative games known as modules. Popular modules include FuryMod, Theme, and Annals of Ea.

The game was originally known as PernAngband, and was essentially a crossover that placed characters from Anne McCaffrey's fictional world of Pern into J.R.R. Tolkien's fictional world of Arda.

By the time of version 5.x.x, PernAngband had attracted a substantial online community. However, it came under legal threat from Anne McCaffrey and from Ubisoft, a company that had created several licensed Pern-related games. DarkGod removed the Pern elements and changed the name of the game to ToME.

The game is set in J.R.R. Tolkien's Arda, although other influences include H. P. Lovecraft and Roger Zelazny's Amber universe. These are inherited from Chthangband and ZAngband, respectively.

The player creates a character from an extended list of races and classes, ranging from Dúnadan warriors to Elven magi. The player then explores the world of middle-earth, destroying monsters, finding items, and gaining power, with the ultimate goal to destroy Morgoth, Lord of Darkness.

There is also a multiplayer version of ToME, which is called TomeNET.

ToME is open source and under active development. Bugs should be reported on ToME's own wiki.

After DarkGod married and dissapeared for a while, he returned in 2010 with the brand-new T-Engine 4. He remade the game and setting from scratch, abandoning the original Tales of Middle-Earth. The game is now known as Tales of Maj'Eyal. The older versions of ToME, back when it was based in Tolkien's works are still preserved and can be found in the web.

Important features of the ToME 2.x line which are not in Angband include:

  • Skill points based character progression
  • Special levels/quests
  • Multiple dungeons and towns with a large wilderness
  • New schools of magic-based spell system
  • More races, subraces and classes
  • Leveling artifacts and monsters
  • New monsters and items
  • Support for modules (partial variants based entirely on scripts)

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