Tolkien, the Sea and Scandinavia

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Tolkien, the Sea and Scandinavia
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EditorRichard Crawshaw
IllustratorTrevor Reynolds and John Ellison
PublisherThe Tolkien Society
SeriesPeter Roe Memorial Fund
Preceded byDigging Potatoes, Growing Trees - Volume 2
Followed byThe Ways of Creative Mythologies

Tolkien, the Sea and Scandinavia is a collection of the proceedings of the 11st Tolkien Society Seminar held in Colchester in 1996. The book was published by The Tolkien Society in 1999 under the auspices of the Peter Roe Memorial Fund. In 2021, a second edition was issued by Luna Press Publishing under the title Tolkien and the Sea.[1]


  • "Seas and Shores: A Study of Cataclysms in Middle-earth" by Alex Lewis
  • "The Sea-Bell: A Voyage of Exploration" by Christine Davidson
  • "Searching for an Earthly Paradise: Some Common Images in the Works of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis" by Maria Kuteeva
  • "The Great Wave and Other Dreams in The Lord of the Rings" by Patricia Reynolds
  • "Tolkien-on-Sea: The View from the Shores of Middle-earth" by John Ellison

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