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Tolkien-lexikon: med allt från Alvhem till Örtplyte
Publication Information
AuthorÅke Ohlmarks
PublisherAlmqvist & Wiksell

Tolkien-lexikon (Swedish: Tolkien Lexicon) is a Swedish-language reference book by Åke Ohlmarks, covering the biography and legendarium of J.R.R. Tolkien. It was the first lexicon on Tolkien published in Sweden.

  • Note: According to Ingvar Svensson[1], Ohlmarks' lexicon carried at least 6,000 errors. For more information on the controversial character of Ohlmarks, see his biography page.

From the back cover

Who is Eorl? Where is Isengard located? When was the battle at Morannon? How many were the Ringwraiths?

Look up the answers in this lexicon covering all translated works on and by J.R.R. Tolkien, the greatest story-teller of our time. Inside you find more than 3,600 entries on names, events and concepts related to his fairy-tale world.

For the hundred of thousands of readers of Tolkien, this is a much longed-for and indispensable reference book. With its guidance, anyone can find their way in Middle-earth and get an understanding of the many adventures which take place in this world.

[Freely translated from Swedish]