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On Tolkien Gateway, vandalism is defined as a deliberate attempt to undermine this wiki, by lowering the quality of its content or frustrating its work. Vandalism is prohibited.

If you come across an example of vandalism, you should contact an administrator immediately, who will be able to swiftly deal with it.

Examples of vandalismEdit

Vandalism is an unfortunate consequence of having a wiki that is open for anyone to edit. Examples of vandalism include, but are not limited to:

  • "Blanking" an article - removing all the content so the article is blank
  • Nonsense - adding nonsense, obscenities, crude/bad jokes to articles, or creating new articles with nonsense titles
  • Spam, or "linkspam" - adding links to external websites as a form of advertising
  • Inappropriate images - uploading inappropriate images, or attempting to replace existing images with inappropriate ones
  • Account creation - excessive account creation, particularly with inappropriate usernames

How to spot vandalismEdit

There are a few ways to spot vandals, including:

It is usually the case that vandalism is performed by anonymous editors (shown up as just an IP address), with a new user, or with a username that's clearly false.

Dealing with vandalismEdit

You can deal with vandalism in the following ways:

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