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Turuhalmë, or the Logdrawing, was an Elvish holiday centered on the bringing in of wood to Mar Vanwa Tyaliéva to feed the Tale-fire, according to the earliest version of the legendarium in The Book of Lost Tales.[1]

As described by Lindo in the Cottage of Lost Play, it was a day of sports in the snow, and logs were drawn from the woods, followed by singing and drinking, after which tales were told around the Tale-fire. During this night, Eriol heard the tale of the Travail of the Noldoli from Ailios.[2]


Turuhalmë is Qenya for "Logdrawing", from turu ("wood; mainly firewood") + halm ("drawing"). The Gnomish cognates, Duruchalmo(s) and Halm na-dhuruthon, were glossed as "Yule".[3] In the Gnomish Lexicon, it is said that the last term referred to the morning following the Yule night: Durufui or Tonfui.[4]

Other versions of the legendarium

Tolkien also considered the terms Halmadhurwion and Duruchalm in a note, but struck out Duruchalm.[5]

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