Ulrike Ascher

Ulrike Ascher (b. 1960)[1] is a German journalist, author and translator.

Ulrike Ascher was born in Hamburg and studied English. She writes nonfiction books, especially about spiritualism, herbs and gardening. Since 1998, Ulrike Ascher lives in Ireland, where she works as a shaman and organises workshops about magic rituals, Reiki and hypnosis.[1]

Ulrike Ascher translated the song texts, notes and the appendix of J.R.R. Tolkien’s and Donald Swann’s The Road Goes Ever On, A Song Cycle (The Road Goes Ever On: Der Tolkien Liederzyklus, 1993) into German. The German edition of the book is a reprint of the original one and includes Ulrike Ascher’s translation as a separate printing.


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