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About Me

I am a high school student and a fan of Tolkien's works. While I am eager to expand my knowledge over Tolkien's writings, I by no means consider myself an expert, and gear my revisions of this wiki towards correcting typos, grammar, link problems and references. I also occasionally rewrite poorly written bits of articles to help with the flow, but I try to avoid making any major changes. If I do something wrong, PLEASE let me know on my talk page. I love this site, and hold it as a valuable resource. The last thing I want to do is create problems for the other users. Thank you!

Random Questions I Feel Bad Bothering Anyone With

·Who is allowed to apply or remove maintenance templates (and what should I do if, for instance, I come across an unsourced article without a sources template, or an article "needing to be rewritten" that has since been fixed?)

·Is there a one-volume and three-volume set for the 50th anniversary edition of Lord of the Rings, and if so, do the page numbers differ?

·When was Beleg given Anglachel: the first or the second time he went in search of Túrin? In The Children of Húrin p. 96-97 it is right after Túrin has fled Doriath, but in the Silmarillion it coincides with Melian's gift of lembas. Which is more canonical?