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Who he is:

Ms_sho64 is an inspired writer, artist and a big lover of J.R.R. Tolkien's secondary world and has an in-depth interest in the process he took in creating the world of Middle-earth. If there was a word you are looking for to describe him at best, it should be Geek, but not the kind of Geek you see in movies and Tv shows. He chose to dedicate his time to spreading the word about the masterpieces of Professor Tolkien's unique works and have the honour to work with the Tolkien Gateway community in developing media and content related to the Legendarium. What he can only do to the best of his abilities in doing such a thing, is through the use of the Internet. So, if you have anything web/technology related to J.R.R. Tolkien you need help with, please let him know and he would be happy to help.

What he does here:

Mainly check any grammatical errors and behind-the-scenes work. I do from time to time non-profit work in the world of Tolkien, you can say a Fan work.

Contact information:

  • Discord: Túrin Turambar#1973
  • Or always on his talk page.

My library (so far):

Dark Ranger.png
Biographical Information
Other namesDark Ranger
LanguageEnglish, Quenya, Adûnaic, Sindarin, and Silvan Elvish
Probably Telerin and Vanyarin
OccupationEditor, Fic-writer, tolkienist, Programmer
BirthFebruary 29th, Y.T. 1350, Tirion
Edit Count43
Physical Description
Height5'10" (1.78 m)
Hair colourBlack
Eye colourBlack
Contact Information
Talk pageMs sho64
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"Those who never change their mind, never change anything."
― Winston Churchill

My workaround Tolkien Legendarium

Nothing is here, for now.

Video Games

(Quendi · People of the Stars · Firstborn · Elder Kindred)
Three Kindreds:
(Eldar · Eldalië · Edhil)
 Vanyar (Fair-elves · Minyar) · Noldor (Deep-elves · Tatyar) · Teleri (Lindar · Nelyar)
(High-elves · Amanyar)
 Vanyar · Noldor · Falmari
Úmanyar:  Sindar (Grey-elves · Eglath · Falathrim) · Nandor (Green-elves · Silvan Elves)
 Moriquendi:  Úmanyar · Avari (Dark Elves · The Unwilling)
See also:  Awakening of the Elves · Sundering of the Elves · Great Journey