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Hello all! I'm a Tolkien fan with an interest in wikis, especially subject-matter wikis that have the freedom to cover topics in more depth than Wikipedia. I hope to be able to improve the coverage on this site in collaboration with other editors.

Current projects

Tolkien books with no articles

I'm including here only books that are primarily about Tolkien and his work, or about Tolkien in conjunction with one or two other writers. There are many other books that touch on Tolkien studies in some way, which may or may not merit their own articles. Multiple ISBNs are included for different print editions if applicable, but not electronic editions.

Palgrave Macmillan

Luna Press Publishing

Kent State University Press

Tolkien Illustrated Guides (Simon & Schuster)

Pegasus Books

Lexington Books

Ahvô Braiths

Movie scenes

Pages exist for every scene (actually every DVD chapter) in the Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings movies, but most them are bare stubs. I think they would actually be useful if filled in with a synopsis, list of differences from the books, etc. User:Turiannerevarine has already made a start on this.

In theory, someone should do the same for the Hobbit trilogy, but those movies are so bad that I can't work up any enthusiasm for the job. In any case, The Lord of the Rings should be done first, and that may never be done anyway.