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User:Sage/First edition

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On this page I will try to collect the differences between the First Edition of LOTR and the later ones (after 1965). The FE contained several mistakes and other details that were corrected or altered in the subsequent ones.


  • Tolkien claimed he had translated the Red Book from the original Westron into English.


  • Asfaloth is said to have "a bridle and bit", changed to a headstall
  • Caras Galadhon was misspelled "Caras Galadon".
  • Galadhrim was spelt Galadrim
  • Aragorn's farewell to Arwen contains the spellings vanimalda and Namarie (in contrast to vanimelda and Namárie
  • There is a phrase saying "the [East] Road bent back again southward towards the River". Because these curves didn't appear in the final map, the portion of the text was corrected to "the Road behind held on its way to the River Bruinen".


  • Finarfin is spelled Finarphir
  • Angamaitë was misprinted as Angomaitë.
  • The Feanorian ancestry of Celebrimbor is not mentioned.
  • Ondoher is spelled as "Ondohir"