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Out of /r/tolkienfans to Tolkien Gateway I am come. In this place will I abide, and my heirs, unto the ending of the world.

Quilda, hrornya quilda, avathorya omu suru en wirne ruthra coro ilce

Current Projects[edit | edit source]

  • Contributing to the history of Numenor and the Realms in Exile
  • Generally hoping to address things on the To-do page
  • Maintaining Silmarillion chapter summaries

Future Projects[edit | edit source]

  • Possibly expand summaries for Unfinished Tales and certain parts of HOME
  • Nature of Middle Earth
  • Finding the letter where Tolkien says Balrogs have wings (I know it's in letter 131 somewhere...)


Lineage of Elssar (document)

The Long Defeat

Sandbox[edit | edit source]

Quotes I Find Profound[edit | edit source]

In Rivendell there was memory of ancient things; in Lórien the ancient things still lived on in the waking world.

And taking Frodo's hand in his, he left the hill of Cerin Amroth and came there never again as living man.

For like a shaft, clear and cold, the thought pierced him that in the end the Shadow was only a small and passing thing: there was light and high beauty for ever beyond its reach.

"This last I say to you, thrall Morgoth," said Hurin, "and it comes not from the lore of the Eldar, but is put into my heart this hour. You are not the Lord of Men, and shall not be, though all Arda and Menel fall in your dominion. Beyond the Circles of the World you shall not pursue those who refuse you."

They cannot conquer forever.

"Who was Ilúvatar?" asked Eriol. "Was he of the Gods?" "Nay," said Rúmil, "that he was not, for he made them. Ilúvatar is the Lord for Always who dwells beyond the world; who made it and is not of it nor in it, but loves it."