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Valar - Orome by Anna Kulisz

The Valaróma was the horn of the Vala Oromë, the Huntsman of the Valar.


Upon first settling in Aman, Oromë would often use Valaróma in the woods of Yavanna in Valinor to train his follows against Melkor and it was said that Valaróma could be heard above all other horns, for its sound was like lightning cleaving the clouds;[1] echoing the mountains, and forcing shadows to flee, even causing Melkor to quail in Utumno.[2]

After Melkor and Ungoliant killed the Two Trees Oromë tried to blow Valaróma to disperse the Cloud of Ungoliant, only to be met with disappointment when the sound faltered and failed him.[3]

In Beleriand, when the Sindar heard Valaróma, they knew that once again the hunter was pursuing the servants of Morgoth.[4]


Valaróma is Quenya, and contains rom- ("horn noise"), same as in Oromë.[5] An early name was Rombaras.[6]