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Wídfara in The Lord of the Rings Online
Biographical Information
LocationThe Wold, Rohan
Physical Description
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Wídfara was a man of Rohan during the War of the Ring.


His home was in the Wold, the wild grasslands of Rohan's northern border, and in these northern lands he had acquired a special weather-sense. He followed Théoden to Minas Tirith and it was he who first reported a change in the wind during the long ride, a change that augured the end of Sauron's looming darkness.[1] He fought in the ensuing Battle of the Pelennor Fields.[2]


Wídfara is Old English for "far, wide traveller".

Portrayal in adaptations

2013: The Lord of the Rings Online:

Wídfara comes from the Wold. When a remote region of Wildermore stops sending messengers, Harding sends a group of riders to check on them, including Wídfara. The group is ambushed and the few survivors are scattered. Wídfara's horse Windfoot is killed and he himself sustains a wound, after which he slowly makes it to the village of Scylfig on foot. There he is found by the party of the player, Gléowine and Horn.
Wídfara later recovers from his wounds and returns to the Wold just in time to answer the muster of the Rohirrim. He rides with Harding's men to the summons and is met again by the player in the Drúadan Forest. He survives the Battle of the Pelennor Fields.