White Towers

White Towers
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"The End of the Age" by Ted Nasmith
General Information
LocationWestern Eriador, in the Tower Hills
DescriptionThree great white towers where one of the Palantíri was posted
People and History
InhabitantsElves of Lindon
CreatedAfter S.A. 3320[note 1]
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The White Towers were three tall towers located in the Emyn Beraid west of the Shire. The westernmost tower, called Elostirion,[1] had a palantír which looked ever westward towards Valinor.[2] The Shire-hobbits could see them shining far off in the moonlight; they said that from the top of Elostirion one could view the Sea.[3]


The White Towers were built on the Emyn Beraid by Gil-galad as a gift to Elendil,[4] perhaps after the founding of Arnor (S.A. 3320[5]).

They were sometimes the destination of pilgrimage by Wandering Companies of Elves who would gaze to Valinor through the palantír. Such a band, led by Gildor Inglorion, met Frodo, Sam, and Pippin in the Woody End of the Shire on 24 September T.A. 3018.[6]

With time, the Shire-hobbits grew estranged from the Elves and the concept of the Sea became a word of terror and death, and they avoided looking upon the towers on the west.[3]

In September 3021[7] the Last Riding of the Keepers of the Rings, including Frodo and Sam, passed the White Towers on their way to the Grey Havens.[8]

Portrayal in adaptationsEdit

1988: J.R.R. Tolkien's War in Middle Earth:

The White Towers can be seen at the background of the Towers Hills map.


  1. The towers were said to have been built by Gil-galad for his friend Elendil. The tallest of these, Elostirion, was built to hold one of the palantíri of the North-kingdom. They must therefore have been raised after Elendil and his sons had settled in Middle-earth, and after the division of the Seeing-stones had been agreed upon, so S.A. 3320 is the earliest possible date.