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White pillar

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White pillar
General Information
LocationHighest hill of the headland above the Haven of Umbar
DescriptionTall white pillar crowned with a globe of crystal

The white pillar was a monument erected upon the highest hill of the headland overlooking Umbar. The great pillar was white with a crystal globe set on top. The globe absorbed the rays of the Sun or the Moon and shone like a star that could, in clear weather, be seen far out to sea or even upon the south coasts of Gondor.[1]


In S.A. 3261 the Númenórean King Ar-Pharazôn landed at Umbar and humbled the might of Sauron.[2] Although Ar-Pharazôn's reign represented the darkest times of Númenor, culminating in disaster, Elendil and his exiled followers remembered the landing with pride; they erected the white pillar in memory of the event, commemorating the power of their race, and the humiliation of the Dark Lord.

At the end of the Kin-strife between the factions of Eldacar and Castamir, the sons of the usurper sailed with their followers from Pelargir to Umbar in T.A. 1448, removing the city from Gondor's control.[3] After Umbar fell under the domination of Sauron's servants the memorial of his humiliation was destroyed.[1]


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