Wilcome Cotton II

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This article is about the son of Tolman Cotton. For the son of Holman Cotton, see Wilcome Cotton I.
Wilcome Cotton
The Lord of the Rings Online - Wilcome Cotton II.jpg
Jolly Cotton in The Lord of the Rings Online
Biographical Information
Other names"Jolly"
BirthS.R. 1384
ParentageFarmer Cotton and Lily Brown
SiblingsTom, Rose, Nick and Nibs
Physical Description

Wilcome "Jolly" Cotton was a Hobbit of Bywater.

History[edit | edit source]

Wilcome was born in S.R. 1384, named after his uncle Will.[1] Jolly and his brother helped their father fend off Sharkey's ruffians, and actively participated in the revolt and Battle of Bywater.[2]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

From Old English willa "pleasure" + cuma "guest"; Wilcuma is a welcome guest. Jolly comes from Old French jolif "merry, happy", which is cognate to the word yule.[3]

Portrayal in adaptations[edit | edit source]

2003: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (video game):

Wilcome lives at number 5, South Lane, in Bywater.

2007: The Lord of the Rings Online:

Jolly Cotton can be found on his family farm, working the soil alongside his brother Nick. He plays no role in the storyline.