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Biographical Information
PositionServant in the home of Erendis
LocationEmerië, Númenor
BirthEarly Second Age
DeathAfter S.A. 873
Physical Description

Zamîn, called "mother Zamîn" by the boy Îbal, was a servant in the White House of Erendis. As such she was a companion of Erendis' daughter, Ancalimë, who first learned of her father's name (Aldarion) from the old country woman.

When Ancalimë had grown to adulthood and become the heir of the king (upon Tar-Aldarion's reformulation of the Law of Succession in Númenor) she was beset by suitors coming to Emerië. Zamîn aided the Emerwen Aranel, or "Princess Shepherdess" to go into hiding on a farm bordering the lands of Hallatan of Hyarastorni.[1]


Zamîn's name appears to be Adûnaic, but its meaning is impossible to determine.