Legolas (elf of Gondolin)

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This article is about the elf in The Fall of Gondolin. For the the elf of the Fellowship of the Ring, see Legolas.
Biographical Information
Other namesLaiqalassë (Q)
PositionHouse of the Tree
LocationGondolin, Tol Eressëa
AffiliationHouse of the Tree
Physical Description

Legolas was an Elf of Gondolin according to the early version of the legendarium in The Book of Lost Tales.


He was one of the house of the Tree, a scout under Galdor. Because of his keen eyes and knowledge of the mountainous area, he was chosen by the escapees of the Fall of Gondolin to be in front and guide them across the Cristhorn.[1]

Following the fall, he moved to Tol Eressëa, where he was named Laiqalassë.[2]


The meaning of Legolas was twofold in Gnomish: it could mean "Greenleaf", from laigos ("greenness") + las ("leaf"); but in the form Legolast it could mean "Keen sight", from leg, lêg ("keen, piercing") + last ("look, glance").[3]