Letter to N.J. Kyle

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N.J. Kyle 17 January 1973.png

On 17 January 1973, J.R.R. Tolkien sent a per procurationem letter to N.J. Kyle.[1]

  • Subject: Reply to letter from Kyle from 14 January. Apologies for not being able to offer a longer reply.
  • Description: Type-written letter (1 page).
  • Publication: None.


Tolkien writes that he has not "in fact looked at The Silmarillion for over a year and a great deal needs to be done on it ... As far as I can see, there can be no more books about hobbits but of course hobbits will feature in this new book The Silmarillion though, as you know, the tale will deal with the age prior to that in The Lord of the Rings."


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