Lonely Troll

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A Lonely Troll by Amani Warrington

The Lonely Troll is one of the main characters in Samwise Gamgee's playful nonsense poem, Perry-the-Winkle. This was a very unusual Troll: He wanted friends, he did not steal, drink beer, or even eat meat, and most amazingly of all, he was a very good cook. The Lonely Troll lived in the hills of Faraway, which seems to have been somewhere in Eriador, for he was the last troll "from Weathertop to the Sea".[1]

One day the Lonely Troll decided to seek friendship in the Shire. When he came to Michel Delving, though, the Shire-hobbits ran and hid. The poor troll sat down outside of the Lockholes and wept. It was then that a hobbit lad, Perry-the-Winkle, came up and befriended him. The happy troll took Perry home for tea and fed him generously.[1]

When the other hobbits learned that Perry-the-Winkle had been so handsomely fed they all went to the Troll's house to demand food for themselves. The Lonely Troll refused to feed them though since they had refused to be his friend. Instead he invited Perry to tea every Thursday and taught him to be a great baker.[1]


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