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"Mystics" is a concept which has only appeared in an adaptation of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.
The "Mystics" in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power'
PurposeTo serve Lord Sauron
Notable membersThe Dweller, the Ascetic, the Nomad
Notable forSeeking The Stranger

The Mystics were members of a magic cult that existed deep within Rhûn far in the east of Arda. The Mystics were invented by Amazon Studios for The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, where they were portrayed by Bridie Sisson, Edith Poor, and Kali Kopae.


The Mystics was the name for the members of one of the many magic cults that operated deep within Rhûn and worshipped Lord Sauron.

During the late Second Age, a group of three Mystics, the Dweller, the Ascetic, and the Nomad, came west into Rhovanion, seeking their master after presumably witnessing the meteor streaking across the sky. Upon discovering the crash site near the Norfield Glen of the Rhovanion Hills, they found that their target had left with a Harfoot caravan. As such, the three of them set out in pursuit, stalking the Harfoots across the Weedbrook, the Undercliffs, the Grey Marshes, the Trout Bend, and the Braids of the Thistledell.

After reaching the Grove where the Harfoot caravan had migrated to, they discovered that The Stranger had already left the day before. Upon being distracted by Elanor Brandyfoot, who attempted to lead them away, and Largo Brandyfoot, who threatened to brain them, the Dweller put out Largo's torch and blew the embers in the direction of the Harfoots' carts, causing them to catch fire.

Eventually, the Mystics caught up to the one they believed to be Sauron at the East Bight of the Greenwood, where they proclaimed him as Sauron and pledged their service to him. They revealed to him that the stars that he sought were known as the Hermit's Hat, being only visible at a specific place far to the east of Rhûn.

When the Stranger began to get out of control, the Dweller blew a spell at him, causing him to fall unconscious. At some point during that time, the Dweller was made aware of four Harfoots that had been following the Stranger, hoping to rescue him. In order to draw the Harfoots into a trap, the Dweller changed her form to become that of the Stranger. A battle began between the Harfoots, the Mystics, and The Stranger. After the Ascetic murdered Sadoc Burrows with a knife throw, the Dweller lost her staff and Elanor Brandyfoot brought it to the Stranger, who banished the three Mystics, revealing himself to be an Istar rather than Sauron.

Soon afterward, the Stranger departed the Grove for Rhûn accompanied by Elanor Brandyfoot, in order to find out more about the Mystics and the Hermit's Hat.

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