Species named after Tolkien's works

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Many species and even entire genera have been named after elements of J.R.R. Tolkien's legendarium. Some items on the list are junior synonyms, i.e. they were coined for a taxon that had an earlier published name and thus are not official according to the rules of zoological nomenclature. These are marked in the footnotes accordingly.

Species named after Tolkien's works[note 1]
Taxon Description Conservation status Refers to
Aletodon mellon Ground-dwelling insectivore Extinct Sindarin: mellon
Ancalagon minor Priapulid worm Extinct Ancalagon
Ankalagon saurognathus Carnivorous mammal Extinct Ancalagon[note 2]
Anisonchus eowynae
Anisonschus athelas[note 3]
Ground-dwelling herbivore Extinct Éowyn, Athelas
Anthracosuchus balrogus Dyrosaurid crocodyliform Extinct Balrogs
Arcella gandalfi Amoeba Extant Gandalf
Oinia[note 4]
Wasp Extant Balin, Óin
Balrogia Wasp Extant Balrogs
Beornia Wasp Extant Beorn
Beorn leggi Tardigrade Extinct Beorn
Bofuria Wasp Extant Bofur
Bomburia Wasp Extant Bombur
Borophagus orc[note 5] Canid Extinct Orcs
Bubogonia bombadili Weasel-like insectivore Extinct Tom Bombadil
Claenodon mumak[note 6] Ungulate mammal Extinct Mûmakil
Deltatherium durini Metatherian Extinct Durin
Durinia Trilobite Extinct Durin
Dvalinia' Wasp Extant Dwalin
Earendil Mammal Extinct Eärendil
Elachista amrodella[note 7] Moths Extant Amrod
Elachista aredhella Moth Extant Aredhel
Elachista caranthirella Moth Extant Caranthir
Elachista curufinella Moth Extant Curufin
Elachista dagnirella Moth Extant Dagnir
Elachista daeronella Moth Extant Daeron
Elachista diorella Moth Extant Dior
Elachista finarfinella Moth Extant Finarfin
Elachista gildorella Moth Extant Gildor
Elachista indisella Moth Extant Indis
Elachista maglorella Moth Extant Maglor
Elachista miriella Moth Extant Míriel
Elachista turgonella Moth Extant Turgon
Entia Wasp Extant Ents
Fimbrethil ambaronae[note 8] Mammal Extinct Fimbrethil, Ambaróna
Frodospira Marine gastropod Extinct Frodo Baggins
Galaxias gollumoides Galaxiid fish Threatened Gollum[note 9]
Gildoria Wasp Extant Gildor
Spaeleoleptes gimli Spider Extant Gimli
Gollum attenuatus Shark[note 10] Extant Gollum
Gwaihiria Wasp Extant Gwaihir
Homo floresiensis[note 11] Hominid Extinct Hobbits
Legolasia Wasp Extant Legolas
Leucothoe tolkieni Crustacean Extant J.R.R. Tolkien
Litaletes ondolinde Mammal Extinct Ondolindë
Macropsis sauroni Insect Imperiled Sauron
Macrostyphlus frodo Insect Extant Frodo Baggins
Macrostyphlus bilbo Insect Extant Bilbo Baggins
Macrostyphlus gandalf Insect Extant Gandalf
Mimotricentes mirielae[note 12] Mammal Extinct Míriel
Mimatuta morgoth Mammal Extinct Morgoth
Mimatuta minuial Mammal Extinct Sindarin: minuial
Mithrandir Mammal Extinct Mithrandir
Nazgulia Wasp Extant Nazgûl
Oinia [note 13] Spider Extant Óin
Oxyprimus galadrielae Mammal Extinct Galadriel
Paleotomus radagasti[note 14] Mammal Extinct Radagast
Pericompsus bilbo Beetle Extant Bilbo Baggins[note 15]
Planois smaug Insect Extant Smaug[note 16]
Platymastus palantir Mammal Extinct Palantíri
Protoselene bombadili Mammal Extinct Tom Bombadil
Protungulatum gorgun Mammal Extinct Drúedain: gorgûn
Sauroniops pachytholus Carnivorous dinosaur Extinct Sauron
Smeagol[note 17] Gastropod Extant Sméagol
Smeagolia Wasp Extant Sméagol
Syconycteris hobbit[note 18] Bat Extant Hobbits
Thangorodrim thalion[note 19] Mammal Extinct Thangorodrim, Húrin Thalion
Tinuviel Mammal Extinct Lúthien Tinúviel
Unicauda fimbrethilae Myxozoan Extant Fimbrethil

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. This list does not contain all applicable species.
  2. Spelt with a k because the genus Ancalagon was already occupied by Ancalagon minor. The species name saurognathus is Latin for "lizard jaw" but also bears a resemblance to Sauron.
  3. Synonyms for the same species.
  4. Both synonyms for Acrias
  5. Formerly Osteoborus orc.
  6. Synonym for Arctocyon mumak.
  7. According to biologist Lauri Kaila, this species is similar to Elves in that they are inconspicuous and have spread to the western hemisphere.
  8. Synonym of Oxyacodon agapetillus
  9. Because it has large eyes and was found in a swamp.
  10. Commonly known as "gollumshark"
  11. Commonly known as "the Hobbit"
  12. Synonym of Loxolophus hyattianus
  13. Synonym for Eskovina clava.
  14. Formerly Niphredil radagasti, referring to Niphredil.
  15. Because it is "short, fat, and has hairy feet".
  16. Because "the specimens of Planois smaug were 'sleeping' in collections for about 60 years, like Tolkiens’ creature, and because of the large size of the insect". EntomologyToday, 23 December 2015.
  17. The only genus in the family Smeagolidae.
  18. Commonly called the 'Hairy-footed Moss Forest Blossom Bat'
  19. Renamed Oxyclaenus pugnax

References[edit | edit source]