Symboliek van Tolkien's In de ban van de ring

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Symboliek van Tolkien's In de ban van de ring
AuthorMellie Uyldert
PublisherAnkh-Hermes BV

Symboliek van Tolkien's In de ban van de ring (Dutch: Symbolism of Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings) is a Dutch-language book by Mellie Uyldert. The book was first published in 1974, shortly after Tolkien's death and well before publication of any secondary works, which shows in its content. Though it gained several reprints in the seventies, it has now been out of print for decades.


The book's content is heavily contested, and because it was a product of the Age of Innocence, usually thrown aside. Uyldert, an astrologist and practitioner of alternative medicine, frequently allowed for her own opinions to take over the work, and completely missed the point by stating that Middle-earth was based on Ireland, the land in which Tolkien had supposedly spent his childhood years.

Back cover[edit]

This booklet is meant for those, who feel or perceive more in Tolkien's work than just a story. For those who can think in backgrounds, symbols and analogies. The author sees in Tolkien's book a highly current message for us in our time. Because of the enthusiastic response to speeches and courses by the author on Tolkien's book The Lord of the Rings, this booklet was published.

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