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Hello, shouldn't we change names here also, following the discussion here Talk:Amrod? First - Telufinwë "last Finwë" was the youngest son, not Pityafinwë; second - we've concluded it was Telufinwë/Amrod who died in Losgar. Page here gives different information:

"Pityafinwë was the essi of Amrod, youngest son of Fëanor"

while it should rather be:

"Pityafinwë was the essi of Amras, older of the twin sons of Fëanor, his youngest children."

I'm leaving it for loremasters to word it properly and change the article, I managed to mess formatting up in the past. Also the description of Telufinwë needs such change. Sirielle 10:03, 20 August 2016 (UTC)