The Coming of the Elves and the Making of Kôr

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"...there is much else that may be told." — Glóin
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The Book of Lost Tales Part One chapters
  1. The Cottage of Lost Play
  2. The Music of the Ainur
  3. The Coming of the Valar
  4. The Chaining of Melko
  5. The Coming of the Elves
  6. The Theft of Melko
  7. The Flight of the Noldoli
  8. The Tale of the Sun and Moon
  9. The Hiding of Valinor
  10. Gilfanon's Tale

The Coming of the Elves and the Making of Kôr is the fifth chapter of The Book of Lost Tales Part One.


Eriol asked about Melko's release, and Meril explained that it happened close to the end of the third century of his imprisonment. At the time, Manwë and his hawks saw the first elves - when the inhabitants of Valinor heard the news they cried happily I Eldar tulier - "the Eldar have come". Manwë decided to unchain Melko early, however leaving manacles and fetters from the tilkal on him.

Nornorë took the three leaders of Elves to Valinor: these were Isil Inwë, ruling over the Teleri; Finwë Nólomë, ruling over the Noldoli; and Tinwë Linto, ruling over the Solosimpi. Meril explained she was a descendant of Inwë, while Finwë was the father of Turgon, and Tinwë later stayed with Wendelin in Hisilómë.

The Valar decided to invite the Elves to Valinor. Ulmo and his whale Uin used Ossë's island as a ferry, bringing first the Teleri, then the Noldoli, and finally the Solosimpi. Using his island angered Ossë, who stopped it in the middle of the Great Sea, where it become known as Tol Eressëa, the Lonely Island. Afterwards, the Teleri and Noldoli built Kôr. Eventually, after many years, the Solosimpi used swans and sea birds to take them on ships to Valinor. In Valinor, the Noldoli made a large quantity of gems, of which last and most beautiful were opals, until Fëanor made Silmarili.