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There and Back Again: The Map of Tolkien's The Hobbit

From Tolkien Gateway
There and Back Again: The Map of Tolkien's Hobbit
Publication Information
AuthorBrian Sibley
IllustratorJohn Howe
Released2 September 2010

There and Back Again: The Map of Tolkien's Hobbit is a 2010 map-book by Brian Sibley and John Howe, primarily covering the area of Rhovanion.

It is the hardcover gift edition of There and Back Again: The Map of The Hobbit (1995).

From the publisher

"This enchanting little hardback is an essential companion for any reader journeying through The Hobbit, perhaps in anticipation of the forthcoming films. Featuring an entertaining text and detailed gazetteer by acclaimed Tolkien author Brian Sibley, this gift edition also contains a removable fold-out poster-map of Wilderland by John Howe.

Writer and broadcaster Brian Sibley is a foremost expert on The Lord of the Rings (he adapted the novel for the award-winning BBC radio dramatisation in 1980), and here in this clothbound hardback he will take you to all the places Bilbo the Hobbit travelled through on his great adventure, and includes a gazetteer of the many places shown on the full-colour illustrated map which accompanies the book.

  • Trace Bilbo’s epic journey through the forest of Mirkwood to the Enchanted River and the Elvenking’s Halls;
  • Travel through the Desolation of Smaug to the heart of the Lonely Mountain, wherein lives the huge and evil dragon;
  • Visit Rivendell, home of the Elves, in a hidden valley beyond the Edge of the Wild.

The map is a real labour of love, illustrated by world-renowned Tolkien artist John Howe, the conceptual artist employed by Peter Jackson to work on his multi-award winning Lord of The Rings film trilogy, and who is soon to work on Guillermo del Toro’s Hobbit film.

Each element in this collector’s package is special; together they provide an enchanting and desirable artefact that will be a prized possession of Tolkien readers of all ages."

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