Tolkien Journal (Vol.1, No.2)

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Tolkien Journal (Vol.1, No.2)
Tolkien Journal (Vol.1, No.2).jpg
AuthorEdited by Dick Plotz
PublisherNew York: The Tolkien Society of America
Released(Winterfilth) 1965
FormatStapled sheets?

Tolkien Journal (Vol.1, No.2) is an issue of the Tolkien Journal. The issue was reprinted on a folded four page sheet with Volume 1, Issue 1 of Tolkien Journal.

On pages 1-2, "The Ace Books Controversy" by Dick Plotz includes extracts from a letter in which Tolkien relates details of the saga of the Ace Books Edition of The Lord of the Rings. The extract was reprinted in Orcrist Issue 4, as part of "An Ace Mystery: Did Tolkien Write His Own Retraction" by Bonniejean Christensen.

"Tolkien Notes from All Over" (on page 3) includes a plea from Tolkien for an explanation of the cover of the Ballantine edition of The Lord of the Rings: "Can any member of the T.S.A. tell me what a lion and emus are doing in the vignette, or what is the thing with pink bulbs in the foreground? The publishers won't say and merely sob because I don't approve."


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