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Here are some templates I'd like to propose... fire away if you want to. I chose some non-standard quotes, because I like them. It does redlink, but that's of later concern. Maybe some of them are too big, and a simple line will do.


A template for various plant and trees. Needs some kinks removed.

Other names{{{othernames}}}
Background information
Real world


|image =
|name =
|othernames = 
|loc = 
|size = 
|colour = 
|counterpart = <!-- Always needs a source; wikilink to latin name -->

Jhowe expansion

An expansion of Jhowe, from the way I understand the copyright information.

Artist: John Howe

This content of this file is considered to be Fair Use, however, there are several issues with the use of Mr. Howe's images.
John Howe has made usage regulations for his artwork. Tolkien Gateway considers these to apply to itself:
To put it in a nutshell, there are four conditions for use of any of my imagery on a web site (not including of course photos by other persons; in that case their permission must be requested).
  1. That the use be strictly non-commercial.
  2. That the work be properly credited.
  3. That a clear link to be provided.
  4. Last but not least, that the use of the image be in accordance with the image itself. This is perhaps hard to make clear, but I would refuse, for example, use of one of my pictures to promote ideas, concepts or undertakings with which I disagree, or for which the image's prime purpose is only to attract attention to something entirely different. - Official website

Good Article

Basically, a template for good articles - articles that are not featured, and never shall be (because they're too small), but are througlhy sourced and in compliance with the standards, and there is little more to add to them.

"I have quite finished, Sam" - Frodo
This article is considered more or less finished. Unless new information should arise, no more edits are required.

Or a shorter note:

This article is considered more or less finished. Unless new information should arise, no more edits are required.


For people, things or events that appeared only in HoMe.

"Oh, Tinwelint, richest of kings, dost thou think these things are fair?"' - Ufedhin
The content of this article comes from The History of Middle-earth. It cannot be considered canon.


Since we're Tolkien Gateway, and not Middle-earth Gateway, a clear message telling readers this is not Middle-earth might be helpful.


"Oh God, no more Elves"' - Hugo Dyson
This article is not about The Lord of the Rings, nor Middle-earth. Tolkien wrote several other short stories.


"Her name was Ava Gardner, but it still ment nothing..."' - J.R.R. Tolkien, Letter 267
This article is about an organization, event or person from the real world rather than one of Professor Tolkien's many stories.