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Ford of Carrock

Ford of Carrock
General Information
LocationCarrock, on the northern Anduin west of Beorn's lodgings
DescriptionA partial crossing from the east bank to the rocky eyot

The Ford of Carrock was, according to Glóin's words in Rivendell, a ford that the Beornings kept open (even if their tolls were high).[1] But in Bilbo Baggins' record of his adventure, the ford clearly reached only from the eastern bank of Anduin to the Carrock. It was made of "huge flat stones" that "led to the grass-land beyond the stream". Gandalf told the Dwarves and Bilbo that "it is easy enough, as you remember, to get from this [eastern] bank to the Carrock by ford, but on the other side is a cliff standing up from a swirling channel." Gandalf could not cross the river there when he was following the track of Beorn.[2]

Robert Foster supposed that Glóin's reference should be to the Old Ford.[3]


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