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Should we expand on the movie depiction of Gimli, which I think was pretty bad. How many dwarf-tossing jokes did we have to endure? --Ted C 15:05, 22 November 2006 (EST)

I agree with the movie thing. The Two Towers review is definatley too short. if you ask me one of Peter Jacksons worst move, trying to inject some humour with Gimli. Gimli should be tough and warlike not the butt of the joke.--Panda.

[edit] Portrayal in adaptations

Info on the other adaptations is generally confined to whether the character appeared and who played/voiced him, but the ones dealing with the Peter Jackson films attempt to talk about his personality. I'm not saying that that shouldn't be included (because obviously it's a major issue with the film for some fans) but at the moment it sounds like arbitrary snide remarks from a snobby fan. If we are going to tackle this we should do it properly: compare his personality in the books with the films giving specific examples, give references to examples of the difference being unpopular and in particular include Jackson's justification to make it well-rounded. I will take a stab at this if nobody else wants to, but I haven't read LotR recently so how Gimli acts in them isn't fresh in my mind. --Aule the Smith 20:34, 11 October 2008 (UTC)