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Talk:Iron Fortress

Since the Isengard entry explains "Iron Fortress" in the first paragraph, I think the Iron Fortress entry should just redirect to Isengard. Otherwise it's just a needlessly repetitive link. Any opposing opinions? --Ebakunin 22:05, 13 May 2006 (EDT)

Hmmm, I'm not quite sure. While your welcome to redirect it as everyone here is encouraged to be bold, I think I'm leaning towards the idea of keeping articles such as this one and listing information such as: who called called Isengard the Iron Fortress, when was the name used, what is it derived from, what is the history of the name (in earlier works was it Steel Palace?), where did Tolkien get the name from, etc. Maybe we could add a template to the top which states "The primary article on this topic can be found at Isengard" or something similar. But then again I'm all for the majority. Hopefully as we continue to grow and have a larger member base we will be able to solve issues like this more efficiently and effectively. --Hyarion 00:42, 14 May 2006 (EDT)