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Jeromir is a character created by me.

[edit] Biography of Jeromir

Jeromir was the youngest son of Denethor and the brother of Boromir and Faramir. He carried a two-handed sword that he held with one hand and a shield bearing the White Tree. He was not very bright but he was great at swordsmanship.

[edit] Avenging Boromir

After hearing that Faramir had seen Boromir's body floating down the river in an Elven boat, Jeromir became furious that his bigger brother was dead. He had heard the Horn of Gondor being blown but had thought it just another messenger from Mordor. He grabbed his sword and shield and set out to avenge his brother. On the road, he met an Elf, a Man, and a Dwarf, and asked them if they had witnessed Boromir's death.

"He was killed by Uruks," said the man. "I found him a few minutes before he died."

Jeromir found the Uruks and killed a hundred of them before finally falling to their commander.

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