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Rivendell Spa Guesthouse Raatihuoneenkatu 61 Rådhusgatan Kaskinen 64260 Kaskö Finland [1]

Frankie and David Holman had a Lord of the Rings wedding on 14.8.2004 at Fritton Lake, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England, UK. 2 weeks later they packed and moved country to live and work together in western Finland, at Rivendell Guesthouse.

The house is over 100 years old, and was originally the Vicarage (pappila in Finnish) in the nearby town of Närpio/Närpes. In 1891 it was moved to Kaskinen/Kaskö. Frankie Holman and her new husband bought the house in April 2004 and then had extensive renovations done to convert it to Rivendell Guesthouse.

Lord of the Rings Wedding David Holman (Aragorn) designed huge, manly Rohan and Gondor flags for the feasting hall at the wedding. For Frankie, his bride, (Arwen) he designed a delicate elven flag and banner. He made a double-headed axe to hang on the wall along with his own Rivendell shield and trusty sword. The white tree of Gondor was the coat of arms for David and his band of warriors. Frankie and her ladies wore long gowns, children dressed as hobbits and many elvish pointy ears were to be seen.

Britannia (U.K. historicl re-enactment group) members formed the Guard of Honour. Frankie's son Rory was the Sword Bearer. David's cousin Liam was the Standard Bearer. Lord of the Rings music played in the background along with live fanfares from Britannia musicians. One of their friends dressed as Gandalf the wizard and Frankie's brother John looked very convincing as an Orc.

Rivendell Finland Open all year Rivendell Guesthouse is the welcoming last homely house of the elves and a spiritual retreat. Spa, Sauna and massage provide relaxation and pampering treatments. The Apple Grove, the Well of Saigas, the Lapland Kota and the Light Labyrinth are sacred spaces and tools to help on your Journey. Courses are held for groups, according to your needs and requests... Father Christmas Letters and Cakes, Shield Design & Making, Historical Combat, English Conversation, etc. The Honeymoon Suite was added in 2007 and the Bride or Groom Robbery is a Finnish tradition speciality. Please contact us for more information. The Guesthouse is 3-star because it is just that, a big old log house with shared bathrooms. The Annexe is 5-star private luxury with en-suite. Our next project planned is a self-contained family appartment. We have accommodation for 20 to 25 people plus a big new dining room/cafe/exhibition area. Future hopes are to make this the Feasting Hall, a themed restaurant.

Business Opportunity Rivendell Guesthouse is currently on the market for sale. Either 100% or in shares up to 50%, all proposals considered. Contact us for details.

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