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"Gate of the Noldor" by Jonathan Guzi
Other namesGate of the Noldor
GalleryImages of the Gate of the Noldor

Annon-in-Gelydh (S. "Gate of the Noldor") was the eastern entrance in the western hills of Dor-lómin, that led to a subterranean river-bed and ended to the Cirith Ninniach.

It was built by the Noldor of Turgon in the late First Age. After Turgon's departure to Gondolin, the Gate was forgotten, but it was rediscovered and used centuries later by Tuor in his escape from the oppressed lands of Hithlum and find his way into Nevrast.[1]


Annon-in-Gelydh is a combination of annon ("gate"), the plural of the definite article i, and the plural of Golodh ("Noldo").[2]


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