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nóre (or nōre) is a Quenya word used for "'land' associated with a particular people".[1][2]

Originally it meant "people", but it was blended and confused with the quite distinct root ndor "dry land" (cf. Sindarin dôr)[3] and the suffix forms -nórë, -ndórë or -dórë are also seen shortened to -or.

In the early manuscript the Etymologies, Quenya nóre is glossed as "country, land, race".[4]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Examples[edit | edit source]

  • Númenor = Númen(n)órë ("people of the West") and Númendor ("land of the West")[3]
  • Valinor = Valinórë (strictly "the people of the Valar") and Valandor ("the land of the Valar")[3]
  • On the other hand, Endórë, Endor = ENED + NDOR[3]

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