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Parmadili, Sekcja Tolkienowska Śląskiego Klubu Fantastyki (Polish for "Parmadili, the Tolkien Section of the Silesian Fantasy Club") is a Tolkien society based in Poland. It was founded in 1984, and publishes Aiglos and Buckland News. As of 2011 this society appears to be semi-dormant as no activities after 2009 were listed. In 2023 semiannual larger activities and monthly Silesian activities are listed.

Magazine[edit | edit source]

The Aiglos magazine has been published in Polish bi-annually since 2004.[1] In 2011 the editorial board announced that Aiglos would change to being a larger annual publication.[2]

The Buckland News publication is an ongoing fantasy tale involving Middle-earth that has been published quarterly in English and Polish through the present.

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