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Oakley (in the Vulgar tongue) or Quercetum (in Latin) was a neighbouring village of Ham where Farmer Giles lived. When the dragon Chrysophylax came to the Middle Kingdom initially he was far away and therefore not a great worry to the farmer. However, when Chrysophylax came to Quercetum and ate sheep, cows, two young people, and the village parson, the folk of Ham became alarmed and called upon Giles to save them. [1]


Oakley derives from Old English acleah 'oak wood'.[2] The Latin Quercetum (cf. quercus 'oak') has the same meaning.[3]


In Oxfordshire there is a village of Oakley about five miles northeast of Oxford and in about same distance northwest of Thame (or Ham). Thus it can be said to be the "neighbouring village". The church of Oakley is recorded in 1142.[2]