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David McDaniel
Biographical information
Born16 June, 1939
Died1 November, 1977
LocationUnited Estates

David Edward McDaniel (16 June 19391 November 1977) known by pseudonym Ted Johnstone, was a United States science fiction author, that founded and organized the first Tolkien fan group, "The Fellowship of the Ring" at Pittcon, the 1960 Worldcon. They published four issues of the fanzine i-Palantir before the organization disbanded.

Bibliography, selected[edit]


  • 1961: I, Palantir, issue 2
    • ""High Fly the Nazgul, Oh!" cycle song by Ted Johnstone and others
    • ""Haiku Portraits" by Don Studebaker, Ted Johnstone and others (in Tengwar and English)"
  • 1964: I, Palantir, issue 3
    • ""Haiku Portraits" by Don Studebaker, Ted Johnstone, and others (only one Haiku, in Tengwar and English)[1])

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