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Pedro II of Angmar
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Other namesOndon, Gondur, The Witch-King
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I'm a Brazillian guy.

I've entered the Tolkien Gateway because of its variety of information and articles about Tolkien and his work, the modern English mythology.


[edit] Favourite Stuff

Drawings & paintings: The most perfect artwork is from John Howe. Not because he done a bit of concept art for Jackson's film (just like the 3 volumes are together a novel, the movies are one film), but his imagination is perfect.

Elvish Courses: The best Quenya course is Thorsten Renk's one and his Sindarin course, too. I don't like Helge Fauskanger's one.

Tolkien Encyclopedia: Tolkien Gateway, of course.

The Hobbit chapter: Fire and Water.

The Lord of the Rings chapter: The Ride of the Rohirrim.

The Silmarillion chapter: Of Beren and LĂșthien.

[edit] Projects

[edit] Etymology

I don't have such cool translated Elvish names, because when you would translate my name, Pedro (Latin: Petrus), the same as "Peter" in English, into Elvish, it would be Gondir in Sindarin or Ondon in Quenya. I don't like Ondon, Gondir is much like Gondor (Petrus = Stone = gond), but I don't like it either. So I chose "The Witch-King" as my user-name (he's my favourite character in the whole).

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