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General Information
LocationThree leagues from the sea in the Hills of Agar
DescriptionFenced town
InhabitantsPre-Númenórean people
"In the days of the Dark Kings, when a man could still walk dry-shod from the Rising of the Sun to the Sea of its setting, there lived in the fenced town of his people in the green hills of Agar an old man, by name Hazad Longbeard."
The Peoples of Middle-earth, Tal-Elmar

Agar was the name for the town in the story of Tal-Elmar while the land in the immediate vicinity was known as the Hills of Agar.

Description[edit | edit source]

There is a small green hilltop overlooking the town. The town itself is situated on the side of the hill while around it are many fields. There is also a place called the Moot-hill, where the town-master gives meetings and announcements.

Geography[edit | edit source]

On its location little information is given, except that it was a region of green hills, situated "three leagues away" from the shores of the Great Sea, and apparently closer to the ocean than the rival town of Udul. In a note near the end of the story there was a suggestion that the place was on the estuary of the Isen or perhaps the Morthond. There is also a hill between Agar and the sea known as the Golden Hill.

Politics[edit | edit source]

The town was ruled by a town-master, who is known as the Master of Agar. The town-master during the time when Tal-Elmar lived in the town was named Mogru.[1]

Folk of Agar[edit | edit source]