Alviska fraser

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Alviska fraser
Alviska fraser.jpg
AuthorPer Lindberg (editor)
ReleasedEarly 2001

Alviska fraser ("Elvish Phrases") is a Swedish-language linguistic booklet, published by Mellonath Daeron, the language guild of Forodrim.

Review from The Elvish Linguistic Fellowship[edit]

Mellonath Daeron or the language guild of Forodrim, founded in 1972, in the beginning of this year published a very interesting and nice-looking booklet entitled Alviska fraser ('Elvish Phrases"). These 25 pages edited by Per Lindberg (Gildir) and designed by Måns Björkman (Elerosse) contain analysis of all the Tolkien's shorter texts in Quenya or Sindarin. And more! On page 23 we can see the Bruinen Spell composed by the language specialists of Peter Jackson's The Fellowship of the Ring movie! This interesting Sindarin phrase is analyzed by Per Lindberg.

We recommend this wonderful publication being another long step towards full uderstanding of the J.R.R. Tolkien's languages! In spite it is in Swedish it is understandable to every Tolkienian linguist.[1]


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